Walnut Solution is established to cater to your needs of search engine optimization. In this environment of tough global competition, you need to have an edge to stay ahead. Marketing today is no longer an offline activity but an online process involving internet marketing and international presence. Under such circumstances, it is worthwhile to engage the services of a company such as ours to offer you the appropriate competitive advantages.

In online marketing, our SEO consultants carry out both online and offline services for your website and web pages to give you the required benefits.

On-page SEO Services

As SEO consultant experts, we specifically do this job for you. As a producer of a good or service, you always have a desire for greater market penetration. Creating a website is one of the easiest avenues towards this direction. Our team of experts create the perfect site and web page such that it reaches search optimization levels. Our search engine optimization services include:

– Keyword research;

– Optimization of Meta tags, namely title, keywords and description;

– Optimization of header tags H1 and H2;

– Body content optimization;

– Optimization of ALT tags;

– Optimization of images;

– Header and footer text writing;

– Footer link modification;

– Internal linking with keyword rich anchor content;

– Checking of broken links by creating redirects or error pages;

– Creation of robots.txt file;

– Creation of xml and website sitemaps for search engine submission;

– If required, creation of JavaScript external files, breadcrumbs and solving canonical matters.

These services fall under on-page category of search engine optimization services in India. As owners of websites, you should always be on the lookout for efficient SEO companies like Walnut Solutions that ensures a better or higher ranking for your web page. SEO is a focussed area of web page creation and requires ample experience and expertise.

Off-page SEO services

In addition to on-page SEO services, there are also a number of off-page services offered by us. These services include the following:

–          Keyword Discovery

–          Guest Posting in your niche

–          Article Submissions into article directories.

–          Influenza activity

–          Submission of social bookmarking;

–          Press release submissions every month for which news is to be submitted by you;

–          Free creation of blogs and RSS document (summarised text with name of author and publishing date);

–          Social Sharing and creating Pinterest Boards

–          A keyword ranking report sent fortnightly or monthly;

–          Creating a search engine account for maintenance and monitoring of your account.

We, at Walnut Solutions, offer prompt and affordable service to you. This is important as staying updated in this era of global competition is a necessity rather than a choice. With a combination of able professionals and updated technologies, we offer the best SEO Consultancy services. It is a pleasure to address even the smallest demands you may have in optimizing your website.