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5 Questions you can ask to evaluate an SEO Service Provider

As we can see SEO and digital marketing industry has grown a big time over the last few years, but for most the businessmen, it still remains a “shady” cranny. Well, there are many shady providers too trying to sell search engine optimization as a service to the naïve website owners.

If you are thinking of hiring an SEO service provider, then it is important to do some basic research to identify the most ‘ideal providers’ for your purpose. Don’t ever end up with the very first option you come across, and here are a few questions to ask before signing through the dotted lines.

Questions to ask to SEO providers

  • What is your experience and background?

A reliable and professional SEO service provider will be always open to answer your queries, and will be enthusiastic about the opportunity to get their expertise showcased. They can also provide you with multiple references of their previous projects and clients. It is not necessary for a skilled SEO provider to specialize in your specific industry; however, it is better if you get hold of someone who got that specialization too. Don’t fall pray to those shady providers who may even claim that they have some relationship with the search engines, no provider does.

  • What are your strategies?

Professional SEO service providers may have similar standard approach to doing SEO. They don’t usually practice the black-hat techniques, which even though may give your some initial hype, will ultimately thrash you down by the search engines banning or blacklisting your website. Go for an SEO provider like which specifically mention that they abide by the rules and search engine webmaster best practices, which is called “white hat.”

  • What type of links you help to build?

As we know, inbound links are a crucial factor in off-page search engine optimization strategy. So, one of the major activity of SEO providers may be build inbound links. However, the link building efforts needed to be so focused now in order to enjoy the desired benefits of it. The linking should be done to high-quality websites and relevant to your industry. If the provider frequently mentions directories and content marketing for link building, get more specific information. The directories and article repository sites are not going to make much different in SEO nowadays. Ensure that the SEO provider mentions about the best quality links earned naturally from good content.

  • What is the content strategy?

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Without quality content, there is nothing to act as a base for optimization. So, most relevant and informative content is the primary responsibility of the SEO providers to ensure. If they provider handle content by themselves, identify what their approach is and check out who prepares it and what relevance content has in light of your industry. It is also essential to make sure that the content is original.

  • How often they can be contacted?

SEO is not an overnight task or a one-time accomplishment. So, the service provider must be in constant touch with you to run SEO campaigns over long term. So, it is ideal to make sure that they can be contacted anytime or set regular call schedules to review the data and change strategies when needed.

This is a primary overview of some major consideration to make while considering to hire an SEO service. It is also ideal to run a through industry research in order to be more productive and get hold of the best SEO services.