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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our Reputation Management Services?

    Build Your Brand with Effective Reputation Management!

    Building business reputation is not easy, and sustaining it is perhaps even more challenging. At Walnut Solutions, we provide professional services to preserve the integrity and reputation of businesses and brands that are built with a lot of love and hard work. Establishing a business is largely based on how the business entity is accepted by people. What others think about the business matters a lot for its survival and growth. The same applies for brands that are marketed on the business platform. We specialize in all kinds of SEO services to support online marketing initiatives, and reputation management is one of our specialties. We have a team of dedicated professionals who excel in online management of your hard earned reputation. We understand how critical it is to position and project your business identity in the right way so as to generate trust among people that would give them the confidence of relying on the products or services that you offer. It is our mission to help businesses make the right moves in brand building that can have a strong positive impact in its marketing ventures.

    Building, protecting and expanding

    Our services for reputation management are extended to both individuals and business entities. We nurture the reputation building process by establishing effective channels of online communication with the audience and interacting with them. It is our endeavor to uphold the business image in good light and project its trustworthiness in order to generate positive vibes that can go a long way in securing the trust and confidence of customers. We take complete responsibility of generating positive influence for your business that aids in its growth. From building reputation to maintaining and enhancing it through constant monitoring — we handle the entire gamut of reputation management that has become an integral component of online marketing for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

    Dual approach

    Walnut Solutions is well versed in all aspects of managing reputation and building brands. We work out strategies that augment your brand building efforts by highlighting features that underline the relevance of products and services to consumers. We also bring forth the features that make your products or services appear superior as compared to what your competitors offer. The information provides the justification for buying the product that can pay back to the satisfaction of consumers. Besides establishing brand equity, we also undertake measures to showcase the track record of the company through effective reputation management. By analyzing the business decisions and how it impacted the way others perceive the company, we create the road map for reputation improvement through suitable strategies. Campaigns for improving reputation are devised and implemented under the watchful eyes of our professionals who are trained and experienced in the field.

    Part of online marketing activity

    The reputation management program that we undertake is part of the online marketing services that we offer. It consists of complete SEO services including social media management and other marketing programs like PPC and content marketing. However, we also offer it as a standalone service for those who want to entrust us exclusively with the management of their reputation. Our service is aimed at providing the most useful and relevant information about the company and its products to consumers so that they can take a well informed decision that leads to the most satisfying purchase experience. Any adverse comments about reputation can drive away customers and we ensure that positivity dominates the communication with consumers.

    Everything You Should Know about Our Reputation Management Services

    What is the significance of managing reputation?

    How companies are conducting business has become more transparent and visible due to the advancements in digital technology and communication. Consequently, online reviews are no more restricted to products and services only but stretch to the domain of business operations. Everything that the company is doing from taking strategic decisions to its implementation and from the behavior of top executives to press releases, everything is now being criticized, applauded or condemned online. All this adds up to the reputation of the company which has a close link to its brand reputation too. Thus, the need for reputation management acquires special significance to drive business with positivity for sustenance and growth in the long run.

    Why does reputation matter for business?

    The business entity is as important to customers as the brand is to them. Consumers believe that good brands can only be produced by good business houses. How others are feeling about your business impacts the way they accept the brand that you promote. If people have a negative feeling about the business, they would not be interested in the brand that is presented, no matter how good the quality might be. Thus reputation of business plays an important role in brand building. What quality is to products and services, reputation is the same for business establishments; and some even argue that reputation matters much more than brand equity. Protecting reputation through proper reputation management is thus an important business agenda today. Any negative reputation can cause immense harm to a business, and that is why it has to be encountered with agility and expertise.

    Should you dare to ignore negative reactions?

    Building reputation takes time, and once it gets tarnished, it is not an easy task to recover from its negative impact on business. Nobody would take the risk to work with a company that does not have good reputation. Not only customers but all other stake holders of business would be affected similarly. Shareholders, investors and employees also would not like to be associated with a company that suffers from some negative criticism. The ground reality is that you can never be insulated from negative impressions. There can be occasions when some adverse remarks are posted about products or services, but ignoring it can cost your business dearly.

    What is the most effective method of managing reputation?

    Constant vigil has to be maintained to track how others feel about the company and its products that are reflected through the comments and reviews posted online. As soon as something negative is detected, it has to be countered effectively to nullify its effect so that the positive attitude and honesty can prevail. This is what reputation management is all about. The internet has opened up avenues of two way communication with consumers that has allowed negative comments to surface and circulate. Since it is not possible to eliminate the possibilities of negative comment generation, it is important to detect it immediately and arrange for its neutralization so that it does not adversely affect business performance. Walnut Solutions can become the watchdog for protecting the reputation of your business by organizing well planned programs that are aimed at generating positive vibes only. And we do it by engaging in constructive communication with the audience.

    What can you expect from us?

    At Walnut Solutions, we can develop appropriate strategies and make use of numerous resources at our disposal to develop a reputation management program for your organization. We take various trust building measures that reflect the honesty of the organization in dealing with its customers which in turn adds to its reputation. The actions are aimed at displaying the sincere attitude of the company towards the customers that increases the reliability level. Crawling through online comments and keeping a tab on whatever is being talked about to weed out the unwanted threats is part of the actions that we take. At the same time, we launch a concerted campaign to highlight the positive aspects of the company that adds more value to its reputation by negating the negatives that are being talked about.

    Why focus on reviews?

    While online existence is a basic necessity for business since it has created immense opportunities for growth, it has also brought along with it the possibilities of reputation being damaged by negative reviews. The majority of purchase decisions made by consumers are now taken after reviewing products and services online. Whenever consumers decide to buy a product, online or offline, they conduct research online to gather information about how users feel about it. What others have felt about the products or services thus influences the buying decision of the majority of consumers. Almost 66% consumers have expressed their faith in online reviews on which they base their purchase decisions. Against this backdrop, online reviews acquire a lot of importance for buyers as well as for businesses. What others are telling about your company is a direct reflection of how reliable you are to them and is a mark about the quality that you can deliver. It is an indicator of your reputation too that has to be protected through effective reputation management.

    How are online reviews managed?

    There is no rocket science involved in devising a reputation management program for your business. We have been doing it with consistent results for hundreds of companies and can take up your brief for projecting a positive image of your company. There are five distinct steps that we follow to create the most effective program for you.

    Reviews on the web are scrutinized

    We have the necessary infrastructure for reputation management to continuously monitor all reviews published across the web about your products and services. Using a wide network of websites across the length and breadth of the internet, we keep close watch on the negative reviews that might adversely impact your reputation. By evaluating the merit of the reviews, we either respond to it to dispel the negativity or we can even arrange for its removal, depending on the gravity of the problem. Through a well measured response, we make our good intentions clear that speak of honesty and helps to renew trust without any negative impact.

    Quick response

    Bad reviews can spread like wild fire and cause immense damage to your reputation too soon, even before you could realize what harm it can do. Prompt response to bad reviews is the hallmark of our reputation management program. Responding to the review through efficient customer service or settling it behind closed doors before any damage is done are the most practiced methods that are followed. Promptness in responding demonstrates how much you care for your business reputation.

    Generate positive reviews

    Through carefully engineered campaigns of reputation management based on communicating with real users, we arrange to publish favorable reviews that are real. We encourage customers to air positive views that specifically mention what they liked. Publishing regular positive reviews helps to build a sustained campaign against negative publicity that can crop up time and again. Shady and cooked up reviews that are often passed off as genuine are usually vague, but the more specific reviews are, the more reliable it turns out to be.

    Reviews are refreshed

    We are aware that search engines prefer reviews that are published recently for considering it for search rankings. Accordingly, as part of the reputation management program, we arrange for a steady supply of positive reviews. We implement systems that ensure creation of a pipeline of positive reviews that can be used to maintain a steady flow of reviews which are more recent. Old reviews tend to lose their importance and relevance to consumers as products and services are continuously upgraded.

    Emphasis on quantity

    More the merrier is the concept as far as reviews are concerned. Having sufficient number of reviews would weigh down in your favor as compared to a few good reviews. We thus make arrangements to ensure that enough number of reviews is published regularly that can convey positive signals to consumers to act in your favor. At Walnut Solutions, we work with business entities and individuals to inculcate a culture of reputation management in the organization. We work alongside companies to put a process in place that ensures regular generation of reviews that can reinforce their image and reputation. Other measures of reputation building are also carried out continuously to sustain the campaign in the long run. How reputation can help business to earn more can be understood from the fact that it empowers you to call the shots when it comes to pricing. Banking on good reputation, as a business owner you are much comfortably placed to demand a higher price. This is a hidden benefit that comes as a bonus and is reason enough to protect and uphold your business reputation. Want to discuss a reputation management plan for your brand? Give us a call today!

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    Jas Toor
    Calgary, Canada

    Vinod is very skilled and truly good at his job. I would recommend him to anyone else interested in enhancing their SEO program.

    Garth Watrous
    Watsonville, United States

    Vinod is amazing, Great work! Great communication, good ideas and moved the needle for us.

    Yurii S.
    Santa Clara, United States

    Vinod was a great contractor. Kept in communication with me the entire time to let me know about deadlines, extensions etc. Very professional.

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