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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our Affordable SEO Packages?

    Improve Your Website’s Ranking and Increase Traffic Using SEO!

    Traffic can never be a pleasant thing unless it is on your website! At Walnut Solutions, we provide affordable SEO packages that are designed to make your website more visible to the users. Most of the search engines including Google, yahoo,, Bing and so on look for relevance to search queries when displaying webpages. The most relevant websites appear on top, whereas least relevant ones find place at the bottom. Users tend to visit websites that have the highest rankings. Therefore, if your website has poor rankings on the SERPs, you will end up losing potential customers. This is where SEO comes to the rescue.

    Search Engine Optimization – An Overview

    SEO or search engine optimization is an online marketing process that increases visibility of a website on the Internet. It can be used to alter the organic search engines results. The term organic refers to the areas where payment is not involved to increase visibility. The traffic to your website tends to increase if it is listed at the top. The frequency of occurrence of the site also matters in this context. SEO not only targets websites or webpages, but it also includes images, videos, news, and local search which are industry-specific. The user might end up in your website, as a result of which your traffic increases and Internet marketing plays its role. Here at Walnut Solutions, we focus on making your website popular on all search engines and especially on Google so that you get increasing website traffic and conversion.

    SEO — the Need of the Hour

    The question that might arise at this juncture is why does your website need SEO? Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently! To be a winner and sustain in the competitive market, you need an edge which SEO will provide you. Search engines are flooded with queries each day and they are responsible for offering the most satisfying results to the users. Before you think of attracting visitors to your website, you need to convince the search engines of your value and relevance. Once you successfully acquire that trust, your website becomes more visible in the search results, and you get more clicks. And that is the best way to find prospective clients. Meeting business requirements and fulfilling business objectives are vital, and Search Engine Optimization can do the trick in an effective way. If you want an upper hand over your competitors, Walnut Solutions can be your friend in need by providing affordable SEO packages.

    Evolution of SEO and Major Changes That Are to Be Addressed

    Change is inevitable in any field, and the changes that SEO has undergone are primarily due to Google algorithm updates and advancement in technology. Modern devices such as smartphones, iPads, and tablets have brought on a slew of new SEO strategies as well. You need to keep pace with the current trends to avoid falling behind in the race. Back in the day, search engine optimization was all about keywords and pleasing the search engines. Today, however, you need to focus on user experience as well. Abiding by search engine guidelines is a must if you want to succeed. As SEO becomes more and more complex, the need of experts also increases greatly. Let us take a look at how the different aspects of SEO have changed over the past few years.

    Content promotion

    Gone are the days when content creation with optimization of a few keywords would suffice. In the present times, promoting content is as important as creating content. SEO, these days, work towards new content promotion and optimization as well as optimization of existing content, thereby making your website get higher ranking in the SERPs.


    Another thing that is to be considered here is device compatibility. Desktop optimization was the primary task in the good old days. But nowadays mobile phones are used for consuming content. In this fast paced world, it is important that the pages do not take longer to load. Search engine optimization is to be done to enhance such mobile experience.

    Social media and SEO

    At this juncture, you might wonder if social media could make your job easier and increase traffic. That is true, but it is even better when SEO and social media marketing are both implied to promote your business. Connecting prospective customers and getting them engaged in your business is possible if SEO uses social media for content promotion. What could be more rewarding than SEO done by experts like Walnut Solutions? A boost to your business without a hole in your pocket is just what you can expect with our affordable SEO packages.

    Quality over quantity

    If you are still thinking that the more backlinks you have, the more visitors will come to your website, you are gravely mistaken! In recent times, it is all about quality and not just quantity. Spamming is obviously detested and only links from authoritative sites have an upper hand. These days, quality content with authority backlinks is very much necessary and SEO must focus on the same. In addition to this, regular monitoring is required to seal the deal. If you want the SEO experience that is relevant for today’s world, Walnut Solutions is what you are looking for. Being outdated is a choice that can cost you dearly! So, get in track and enjoy affordable SEO packages provided by Walnut Solutions to make your website one-of-a-kind.

    Factors That Affect Rankings

    There are various factors that affect your website rankings, and Walnut Solutions is mindful of these factors. A few significant factors include quality content that is unique and interesting. Contents that are carefully developed and provide detailed information are a major factor. Keywords are another significant factor that helps in increasing traffic. Metadata depicts important elements of your webpage by way of code snippets. Then there is technical SEO that involves a number of areas. Technical SEO deals with website coding, navigation, page load speed, and compatibility to various devices. SEO strategies and tactics are heavily influenced by user behavior. At the end of the day, what matters is user indulgence. When tracking user behavior, you need to look at which pages users are visiting the most, how much time they are spending on each webpage, and how soon they are leaving a particular webpage. Just as increasing visits is counted as a good sign, rising bounce rate is considered as a bad one. However, these occurrences can be minimized to a great extent by employing the right SEO strategies. The functions of SEO do not stop here. Monitoring and testing after optimization are also included in this process to provide excellent results. Addressing to all the above factors and providing affordable SEO packages is where Walnut Solutions exhibits superiority over others. Look at what our client says:

    Benefits You Can Enjoy with Walnut Solutions’ SEO Services

    It is natural to seek various advantages before making an investment. To make your work simpler, here are a few reasons why you should opt for SEO:

    Marketing can never be easier

    “Google it!” is one of the most used phrases in the world today. Growth is inevitable if you have SEO backed by social media and other marketing strategies. Instead of choosing one marketing strategy, how about integrating SEO into your marketing plan? It not only increases traffic, but also results in making your business grow.

    Increased Sales

    Low marketing cost and increased sales are the dream of all entrepreneurs. This is what SEO is all about. You just secure attention from prospective customers to sell your products. This can be done with the expertise offered by Walnut Solutions. Keywords, links, and content backed up by device compatibility are all that it takes to make your investment on SEO valuable.

    Being on top

    Think from a user’s perspective. Would you prefer clicking on the top most links or would you go down? The answer is pretty obvious. High ranking websites always generate a feeling of trust. This is exactly why SEO should be implemented. To make your website the most visited one, you must be on the top of the search results page. Walnut Solutions does the job of increasing the number of visitors and boosting your sales.

    Leaving competition behind

    It is more likely that a site that is optimized will have more visitors than the website that is not optimized. This is a major factor that is to be considered when you feel the need to beat competitors. Do in Rome as Romans do! Search Engine Optimization rules the marketing world and you don’t want to be the odd one out.

    An investment that is valuable

    Just like advertising, SEO is also an investment which has benefits that exceed expectations. The return on your investment can be unimaginable if your website is ranked well. “The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google” is a statement that makes a lot of sense. No one notices the second page of a search engine. Affordable SEO packages provided by us can help a lot in this process.

    Effortlessly convenient

    Search engine optimization needs no rest time. It is at work throughout. Once you opt for optimization, there is no end to it. It requires constant monitoring and updating of strategies. We at Walnut Solutions will make your work much easier. From optimization to regular monitoring, we will take care of everything in an efficient manner.

    Content over code

    The role of code is overestimated. CMS code is just a chapter in the book of SEO. Search engines consider content and not code for the purpose of rankings. Keywords, links and content determine website ranking. CMS vendors may, however, try to convince you that codes will suffice, but they are wrong. There is more to rankings and this highly technical marketing technique of search engine optimization is made simpler by Walnut Solutions.

    Building trust and brand name

    The trust that is built due to SEO optimization can be a huge plus to your business. When your website pops up first, users are convinced that your business provides all that they need. Metadata, headline tags and content are factors that influence prospective customers and increase the credibility of your business. Another thing that all businesses strive for is brand name. SEO rewards you by establishing brand name.

    Fosters ‘word of mouth’

    Consider you get more traffic in your website due to SEO. This will increase your market base. This will in turn lead to referrals, and at the end, the brand name of your business will be well established in the market. The power of word of mouth is enormous and has high sales records. SEO makes this possible, if done the right way.

    Achievement of short-term and long-term goals

    The short term success is a substantial component of search engine optimization. The result can be instant. Another advantage is the long term prospect. The return on investment can be expected in perpetual existence of your business. Walnut Solutions takes care in providing long term success to your business by providing unmatchable and affordable SEO packages done using thorough analysis and calculations.


    Each business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all SEO solution. If you had tried search engine optimization before and did not get desired results, it may be because the package was not customized according to your needs. SEO can be customized and made so as to overcome such failure. Investing too little time, not monitoring properly or planning deficit can lead to failure of SEO. Walnut Solutions offer such customized and affordable SEO packages. Advantages of SEO do not stop with the above list. In a nutshell, a cost-effective way to market your business and reach your sales goals by establishing a brand name is possible with properly planned, analyzed and executed Search Engine Optimization techniques.

    Questions That May Still Plague You

    Is SEO better than paid traffic?

    SEO is naturally better as it is a long term solution that is cost-effective. SEO builds trust and works on numerous search engines as opposed to PPC. The return on investment is more in SEO and has a record of creating more traffic to the extent of 85%.

    Is SEO suitable for big websites?

    Yes, SEO is suitable for big websites. For websites with multiple authors, SEO not only increases traffic, but also acts as a checklist for the content that is developed.

    Is SEO and internet marketing synonymous?

    SEO is a tool that is used in internet marketing. You can make effective use of affordable SEO packages in your marketing campaign.

    Why should you opt for Search Engine Optimization right away?

    “Better late than never” is the only reason why you should opt for search engine optimization right away. Any business for that matter is started with multiple goals, and SEO addresses majority of them such as cost-effective promotion of brand name resulting in increased sales and that too for a long term return on investments. Want to discuss more about our SEO services? Send us an email or give us a call to know more all about our SEO packages and the handsome discounts that we provide to select clients. Get in touch with us today!

    What Clients Say

    Jas Toor
    Calgary, Canada

    Vinod is very skilled and truly good at his job. I would recommend him to anyone else interested in enhancing their SEO program.

    Garth Watrous
    Watsonville, United States

    Vinod is amazing, Great work! Great communication, good ideas and moved the needle for us.

    Yurii S.
    Santa Clara, United States

    Vinod was a great contractor. Kept in communication with me the entire time to let me know about deadlines, extensions etc. Very professional.

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