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Retain Your Ratings and Avoid Penalties by Removing Toxic Links

 Businesses these days take search engine rankings pretty seriously. This is because traffic to your website attributes to increased sales and profit. Being ranked on the top in search results is vital for the creation of such traffic. The most common term that can be heard when talking about SEO and rankings is Backlinks. The incoming links to a particular web page are known as backlinks. The page with plenty of backlinks used to get higher rankings in the good old days. Today, however, the concept of ‘quality over quantity’ rules the SEO world.

Walnut Solutions knows how to harness the power of great link building, and also realizes the kind of damage bad links can do to a site. That is why the link removal service has been carefully designed to help your business combat poor backlink related issues.

What do you need to know about backlinks?

A boost to rankings

Better organic rankings are inevitable if you have good and analyzed backlinks that lead to your website. Backlinks are particularly useful in the case of websites that are newly developed

An increase in traffic

‘Word of mouth’ is worth mentioning here. It is a known fact that traffic to your site increases due to SEO. This will lead to more number of prospective clients which in turn will end up in referrals. Backlinks are very useful in this scenario where referral traffic is one of your major requirements.

Getting backlinks is good and beneficial, but the point of concern is when your website is affected by bad backlinks.

Ways to escape from Penguin

Backlinks that are bad or toxic can pose a threat to such ratings. It is at this juncture that your website can use the help of link removal. Links that lead to your website must be authorized. Quality links have an edge over quantity of links in the present day scenario. Search engine rankings depend on the quality of links to a great extent. Paid links, spams etc. might cause such toxic links. Google penalty can be avoided by way of link detox. We at Walnut Solutions provide link removal services that help in avoiding Google Penguin penalties.

The quality of links

A toxic backlink is the one that is created with the objective of manipulating the search engine rankings. Webmaster Guidelines of Google states that links that are created with an objective of manipulation in order to increase the website’s ranking may be considered as an offense under the section “link schemes.”

Why are good contents vital?

Good contents that are unique influence other sites to use your website are the best and natural way to increase your fame in the community of internet.

Impact of toxic backlinks on ratings and SEO

The days when low-quality links were overseen are gone. It is not possible to control the link of your website being used. But in the present day scenario, that is not the case. Penalties are inevitable and rankings take a big blow due to bad backlinks. 95 % of Google rankings are related to backlinks and that is the reason why you should use the help of Walnut Solutions. Here are a few types of backlinks that can be disadvantageous to your website.

Usage of your link by banned websites

De-indexed websites that violate the guidelines of Google might use your link and these backlinks might pose a threat to your ranking.

Usage of your link by unrelated websites

In some cases, a website that is in no way related to your business might use your link. The concept of relevancy takes a blow here and this might be a problem when your website is taken into consideration.


If any manipulative profile is created in order to use your link or occurrence of spam comments might lead to penalty.

Usage of your link by unauthorized websites

Links from gambling sites or adult sites are a threat and can lead to a drop in your ratings.

The impact of hidden texts

You should not hide texts or links from users of CSS. Performing this act is a threat and might lead to penalty.

Usage of your link by websites with low-quality content

Links from sites with low quality, duplicate and spun content should be avoided and monitoring and detecting it is important.

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Girish Jashnani - Testimonial at Walnut Solutions

Girish Jashnani (Flosum)

I have been working with Vinod for over two years and I find him to be one of the most valuable members of the team. Vinod is a trusted advisor for our marketing team. He is very open and candid with this feedback and performed only the various activities which were in the long-term interest of our company. He has helped in catapulting Flosum to new heights. We highly recommend Vinod. Fremont, United States

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Girish Jashnani - Testimonial at Walnut Solutions

Sotiris Spyrou (ParadoxSEO)

Walnut Solutions have been a first class partner to work with. Time and time again they have proven themselves to be reliable, dependable and able to get the job done. Best of all, they are also able to act upon their own initiative when needed. I recommend them without hesitation.

Founder, London, United Kingdom


Founder, London, United Kingdom

Walnut Solutions have been a first class partner to work with. Time and time again they have proven themselves to be reliable, dependable and able to get the job done. Best of all, they are also able to act upon their own initiative when needed. I recommend them without hesitation.
Asher Elran _ Testimonial to Walnut Solutions

Asher Elran (Ignitur)

Vinod is pleasant to work with, prompt, and conducting business professionally. I've been working with him for over 2 years now and never any problem. Everything was delivered as was requested and was revised if needed -- sometimes even several time. I would recommend Vinod to any individual or business in need for web marketing assistance.

CEO, Arizona, United States


CEO, Arizona, United States

Asher Elran _ Testimonial to Walnut Solutions
Vinod is pleasant to work with, prompt, and conducting business professionally. I've been working with him for over 2 years now and never any problem. Everything was delivered as was requested and was revised if needed -- sometimes even several time. I would recommend Vinod to any individual or business in need for web marketing assistance.

Google Penguin – An overview

Google Penguin was first introduced in April 2012 with the aim of penalizing websites that spam search results and use blackhat link building tactics to build links. Manipulative links lead to a major downfall of the rankings. Updates in Penguin and a day to day increase in a number of resources working towards the elimination of manipulative links have made the filters strict. Manual penalties are also growing day by day. Walnut Solutions helps in removal bad links to keep the rankings of your website intact.

The reasons for Google penalty and types of penalties

If there is a significant drop in the traffic of your website, the first thing that you should try to figure out is the cause of such decrease in traffic. The penalties imposed by Google are of two types. One is manual action and the other is the algorithmic penalty.

Manual Action

Google webmaster tool is the first place you should go to see if you have any notifications. These warnings messages are indication of bad backlinks. This penalty is the result of a review by a team member of Google’s web spam. The reasons for this review could be due to reports of a competitor, a problem in your link profile or could be just because of your luck.

Algorithmic penalty

As the name suggests, this type of penalty is automatically imposed by Google based on the profile of your link. This does not involve any human resource. This is where the Penguin filter comes into play. This type of penalty is not accompanied by a notification. However, it is hard to go unnoticed because of the drastic decrease in the ratings.

The depth of the problems caused by toxic backlinks is that it can lead to penalties, decrease in organic traffic to your website, and in a few cases, de-indexing of your website. These penalties are to be avoided, and you can get this done with the services offered by Walnut Solutions and its high-level expertise.

When should you consider link removal?

Should you wait till your ratings drop or till you are imposed with a penalty? Link detox must be done at the right time. Sometimes ratings might drop drastically and you might be questioning the SEO techniques. The real reason, however, might be bad backlinks. So here are a few instances that show you when link detox is required.

Massive clean-up

One is when a penalty is imposed, irrespective of the type of penalty, and the other is when you have a blow in your ratings. This process is analogous and Walnut Solutions will make it a lot simpler.

Gradual clean-up

This type of detox can be undertaken if you feel that prevention is better than cure. Why wait till Google warns you? A penalty can be taxing. So, gradual detox comes to the rescue. The risk of spams and paid links can be eliminated using this clean-up. The other place where this gradual clean-up can be implemented is when conducting audits of backlinks.

Why should you seek help from the experts?

Tools that are developed in order to remove bad backlinks are plenty. You might wonder why you need a service provider to remove those toxic links. But at this point, you should consider the advantages of backlinks. Backlinks are one of the primary reasons that help in increasing traffic to your website. In an attempt to delete the bad backlinks, the tools that are available might lead to deleting the backlinks that bring more clicks to your website. This is why a good service provider is required for this process. Another point to take into consideration here is that penalty cannot be removed by getting rid of bad backlinks. A disavow report should be submitted. This whole task is time-consuming too. As you can see, the process of removing toxic backlinks can be tedious, and Walnut Solutions makes things easier for you.

The process of link removal

We at Walnut Solutions, provide link removal services that provide desired results. There is a process flow adopted by us for manual link removal services. Link analysis or audit, connecting with webmasters, and the creation of a disavow file are all part of the process.

Link analysis

Analysis of links can be done through various tools. The toxic links are to be identified using Google webmaster tools, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Raven tools etc. This is the first step in the process. Care should be taken in picking out bad and toxic backlinks. This is because there is a danger of reducing traffic by removing backlink that is beneficial. We at Walnut Solutions make sure that toxic backlinks are eliminated and beneficial backlinks that increase your ratings remain intact.

Outreach methods

The next step in the process is outreaching to the webmasters for removal of such toxic links. This can be time-consuming. Save your energy for other matters as this can be taken care of by Walnut Solutions. To reach the webmasters outreach, methods like contact forms, social media, and emails are used. This does not stop here. It is important to be in contact with webmasters till the toxic links are removed.

Creation of disavow file

The bad backlinks can be removed effectively. However, in a few cases there might be no response from the webmasters. This is when a disavow file is to be created. This is basically a reconsideration request to Google for such bad backlinks.

Walnut Solutions aims at providing end-to-end solutions in the field of link removal services, starting from analysis to generation of disavow files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of disavow report?

For the penalty imposed or the rankings to get back to normal, it is necessary that steps are taken for the removal of bad backlinks. The process, however, does not stop there. It is necessary to generate a disavow report in order to get back on track on your Google ratings. Walnut Solutions provides end-to-end link removal services which obviously include generation of disavow report.

Are manual link removal services better than the various tools available?

Various tools are available in the market. You might even spot some free tools. The constraint and the biggest threat in the usage of automatic tools is that in the process of removing toxic backlinks, you may end up in removing the backlinks that genuinely contribute to the traffic of your website. This is the reason why manual link removal services are better, and Walnut Solutions provides unmatchable services, while being mindful of the backlinks that prove to be beneficial to your business.

How to find out if the reason for toxic backlinks is my competitor?

You spot that the rankings have dropped greatly. The next thing you would do is check for bad backlinks. Sometimes, you might notice that one of your competitors has linked back to your website. This may not necessarily be toxic. This can be a very positive thing as it shows positive and honest attitude. As far as backlinks are concerned, this can boost your traffic. They are in fact a big positive in Google’s eyes and will not cause you any penalty.

Where to place the backlinks on a page?

Backlinks can be placed anywhere on the page. The only thing that is to be noted here is the context. If a particular backlink is relevantly placed, it is beneficial. On the contrary, if it is placed in an area where there is no conceptual relevance, the particular backlink becomes bad.

Is gradual clean-up better than massive clean-up?

The decision on this should be taken after consideration of various instances. When a lot of bad backlinks accumulate and your ratings drop drastically, you might be penalized. At that point you might need a massive clean-up. But when you are into link audit and you feel that waiting to be penalized is not appropriate, you can go for gradual clean-up which includes proper monitoring. Both the types of clean-ups are done efficiently by Walnut Solutions.

Link Removal – A vital attribute to rankings

Running a business requires a lot of effort. Toxic links are practically mistakes done by others who use your links inappropriately. This in turn affects your ratings and you might be prone to penalty. This can be stressful. Link removal service providers such as Walnut Solutions can help you out here by eradicating your concerns regarding bad backlinks. We can save you from the time-consuming and strenuous task of link removal. Give us a call to discuss further!

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