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Content Writers for Different Genres and When to Seek Their Assistance

One of the biggest challenges faced by content marketers is generating enough content and simultaneously maintaining high quality. That is precisely, what professional content writers are supposed to do every single day. We understand that marketers do not have the time or expertise to create content. As per statistics, 62% of marketers have no time to devote to content creation. Moreover, identifying a well-trained highly skilled content writer seems three times more difficult as compared to hiring professional content writers within a stipulated budget.

According to Search Engine Journal, you need to dedicate tremendous effort to gaining organic search visibility, traffic, and high rankings. You may end up achieving this by creating optimized content consistently. Content can make or break your site. Top-quality authentic content can take your site to the top of the Search Engine Results Page. On the other hand, poor content may culminate in Google penalties and that may be quite difficult to recover from. Hence, the importance of content cannot be undermined.

Most businesses have limited resources and time to translate their goals and vision into enticing content. All brands and organizations have unique stories to narrate, a brand reputation to uphold and protect, sales goals and aspirations to achieve, and even a rebrand to complete. Fortunately, there are specialized content writers for supporting your grand endeavors every step of the way. Before employing a freelance content writer, you need to know the different kinds of content writers. Sound knowledge of the different kinds of web content writers would help you to come up with much-enhanced hiring decisions for all your content initiatives.                                         

Understanding the Role of a Content Writer in a Nutshell

However, A content writer would be handling the entire process of ideation, as well as, creation of enticing and compelling web content including, website copy, blog posts, white papers, product or service descriptions, and even social media content. The chief responsibility of a content writer is adding value simply by engaging actively with stakeholders and customers, establishing and maintaining a robust and cohesive brand voice.

Types of Content Writers

We come across several kinds of freelance content writing niches. Writers are Famous to specialize in diverse genres, bringing experiences and unique skills to the table. However, you may keep in mind that some writers can handle various content types with expertise, and finesse. A good content writer is involved in doing meticulous research all the time. He is perpetually in the research mode to generate superb content ideas. Let us explore different types of online content writers.

Blog Writer

A blog writer understands the mindset of the target audience very well. He is high-skill at transforming complicated subjects into warm conversations. Blog writers devote their time and energy to creating engaging content for grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Blog writers leverage their inquisitive powers for identifying and sourcing data points for fortifying the blog content. They focus on collaborating with experts and influencers for adding contributor quotes and generating interviews that add a stamp of credibility and authenticity to the blog content. A blog post will be published as a webpage. Hence, a blog writer is equipping with SEO expertise and creates fully optimized content after meticulous research. 


Moreover, A ghostwriter is in comparison to a chameleon, a high-skill and prolific writer who can act as the dedicating mouthpiece for both people and brands. Ghostwriters are capable of filling content resource gaps whenever your company lacks the skills, bandwidth, or motivation. A ghostwriter would be churning out a broad spectrum of articles for different team members, and he would even come up with your CEO’s thought leadership pieces. In addition, They would be coming up with the white papers and e-books your team has failed to produce because of time constraints. A ghostwriter is know for his versatility and mastery of the language.

Technical Writer

A technical writer is a champion at transforming highly technical content into much easier and simple content that can easily be understood by everyone. Also, They are famous for providing meticulous details and in-depth explanations of different technologies, ways to use them, the processes, the mechanics, and the inner workings, etc. They focus on presenting technology in a much broader context, and they write about the precise application of technology.

Social Media Writer

However, A professional social media writer is the loudest brand voice. He is capable of releasing attention-grabbing content into the chaos of the social networking landscape. His intention is to strike up conversations and boosting interactions. Similarly, Social media content is not just restricting to clever hashtags or hard-hitting copy, but it is also pretty much fast-paced and technical. Social media writers stay abreast of the ever-changing algorithms and capabilities with social media channels for ensuring content success. They are knowing for speaking fluently the language of different social media platforms. As such, they are capable of engaging followers thanks to relevant messaging. They often come up with questions and polls to effectively engage the followers.

Brand Journalist

However, Brand journalists have an inherent propensity to tell stories. However, They are natural storytellers, and they will never give up until they identify a specific story. These content writers are out and out extroverts. They will go to any extent to run their stories. They may focus on sending cold outreach emails. Also, They even keep following up with telephone calls to make sure that the story is ultimately running.

Brand journalists prove to be excellent brand ambassadors. They will always portray your brand positively, whether in customer stories or press releases. They are very much aware of how fragile a brand’s reputation could be. Hence, they do not wish to be a reason or cause for adversely impacting your brand image or reputation. They are in the habit of examining facts, quotes, and data before publishing anything.


You must know what kind of content writer would do justice to your marketing goals and support your stratagem. Your next step would be identifying the right talent. Use specialist content writers to fulfill your content vision.