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How Can Social Media Platforms Help You Grow as a Graphic Designer?

If you are a talented graphic designer but are not able to find a platform to showcase your talent, you might feel defeated and disappointed. However, one thing that you must always remember in today’s digital age is that, whatever be your problem, there is always a solution on Social Media. You only need to work hard and smart to find it.

Although badmouthed for having a majority user base immature, social media in itself has an enormous potential of providing you with different career prospects and opportunities. So, if you are a terrific Graphic Designer but struggling to find the correct medium to let out your talent, then you do not need to worry anymore.  To start with, you can search on SEO based websites to find various sites which provide you Graphic designing work. One such SEO based website for your assistance is

You will thus find many different social networking sites which can benefit you to grow in Graphic Designing. Some Prime Social Media Websites are Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

What should you do after finding these social networking sites?

Once you find the beneficial Social Media sites, now you have to exploit their features to your best ability. It will help you to build your Graphic Designing Career in a step wise manner.

1) How to utilize Behance for Graphic Designing?

Behance is a portfolio creation and management site. A lot of creative emerging professionals are unaware of this website. You can take advantage of this situation and maximize the publicity of your skills via your portfolio. On Behance, users explore, collect and complement other artists’ creative work. Thus, this is a great way to build networks, to connect and to create professional relationships. Most importantly, many of the Creative directors, creative firms, and art directors look up Behance regularly to find qualified professionals.

So it thus becomes evident that being a Behance user can help you to find loads of opportunities in Graphic Designing. Moreover, if you have the perfect portfolio, you will move one step closer towards becoming a professional graphic designer.

2) What does Facebook have to offer you as a Graphic Designer?

If your prime focus is gaining maximum exposure to majority population so that you can successfully build an extensive client base, then Facebook is your ideal place to start with. Although the majority of the user base is immature here, that is not your target audience at all. You will need to target the elite companies and directors hunting for quality professionals like you. So if your profile page has heaps of your quality artwork, then you might as well catch their attention. It will help you to get a mega head start in graphic designing.

Apart from Obtaining Client Companies, you can also connect with fellow Graphic designers via Facebook. All you need to do is befriend and follow them. You can also create a group of Graphic Designers on Facebook and interact about a lot of different things related to graphic designing.

3) Why should you use Pinterest as a Graphic Designer?

Pinterest is a hub of a vast number of creative professionals along with the job providers. On Pinterest there exist both, Seasoned Professionals as well as newbies. So this is indirectly a blessing for you because you can grow your talent leaps and bounds by observing and learning in the footsteps of legendary graphic designers.

On Pinterest, you can showcase all your creative artwork to the massive user base just by smartly inserting the correct hashtags. It will expose your art to many job providers, and you will get a professional status any moment.

4) How can LinkedIn help you in your Graphic Designing Career?

You can say that LinkedIn is perhaps tailor-made for emerging professionals seeking a job to showcase their talent. On this site, job seekers meet potential employers. It will help you build your professional network and thereby increase your chances of becoming a recognized professional in no time. It is because employer companies look into the profiles of random professionals and if you have the required set of skills with many significant connections; you may get selected straight away.

5) What opportunities can YouTube offer in Graphic Designing?

As a beginner, nowadays pretty much everything is available for you to learn on YouTube. So, if you are a newbie to graphic designing, you can watch Tutorial Videos on YouTube and strengthen your skills. Once you obtain mastery, you can create your own graphics designing channel and showcase yourself operating on different projects successfully via your videos. Posting these working videos will help you to establish your goodwill among those Businesses who need a creative professional like you. Thus, you will start getting job offers from interested firms in no time.


Thus, you are now aware that social media is an ocean full of opportunities for emerging creative professionals. All you need to do is explore and exploit its features for your maximum benefit. Like for instance, as an emerging Graphic Designer, if you want quick mass publicity you can use Facebook, while if you want your quality artwork to be admired accordingly, you can use Pinterest, Behance or LinkedIn.