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Must-read SEO guides that are most useful for beginners

SEO is a must for small businesses and beginners to survive in the fiercely competitive market. It is luckily implementing online marketing campaigns is now both easy and affordable.  It is difficult for small businesses to have a marketing set up for reasons of cost, but implementing SEO largely makes up for it because it is now the most effective marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Professional guidance is often necessary to implement SEO so that you can start on the right footing. Still, there are many other things that business owners can do by themselves to lay a great foundation of a business. It is for increasing visibility by gaining higher ranks in search results.

Good understanding of SEO is essential whether you implement it on your own or with professional help. To educate yourself on the subject you can learn from the SEO industry experts. So, that you can access on the web. Start by going through Google Guide to SEO.  It is like an SEO primer and must-read for anyone who wants to learn the basics to make a start, followed by a few more guides mentioned here.

Google guide to SEO

The biggest problem that beginners face is to figure out how SEO can be useful for business and where to start. Google has created a guide that is useful for anyone who wants to learn SEO with an eye on implementing it for business or any other purpose.  From beginners to seasoned webmasters and SEO specialists, everyone has something to learn from this guide that provides a complete overview of the basics based on the best practices.  The guide will not guarantee your success in ranking better but will show ways of making it easier for search engines to crawl and index websites as well as understand the content.

Search Engine Land’s guide to SEO

Although this guide follows a familiar pattern of introducing SEO, it covers aspects not covered by some other guides in the genre. The guide named Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors exclusively focuses on factors that improve traffic flow to websites. It deals with topics that are useful for those who have a grasp on SEO basics and are looking for some information on the technical aspects of SEO.  It includes topics related to site architecture, content, Trust and Authority, HTML code, link building, personalization, and goes up to explain the violations and penalties for black hat practices.

Moz SEO guide for beginners

The guide consisting of 10 chapters is for beginners who want to have a better understanding of SEO. The guide describes all major aspects of SEO from identifying keywords and how to find keywords and phrases that drive traffic to your website to developing SEO friendly websites, link building, and how to market the unique value of your website.

Neil Patel’s Guide to SEO

This is an advanced guide that starts from where the basic guides end and ideal for gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of SEO. It is more of a practical guide that you can use as tips for gaining mileage in SEO.