Social Media

Why you must use social media as an integral part of online marketing

In today’s scenario, it is almost mandatory to use the social media platform to carry out forceful online marketing campaigns. Inability to include social media into your marketing plans can only set you back in competition. Social media is unique in its powers to spread the brand message and works perfectly in tandem with all other marketing modules like SEO and PPC. Although social media is not at all a marketing platform, its immense power in driving traffic to websites and closing leads is a reason why SEO companies are ready to use it to their advantage. You can expect 100% closure of leads generated by the social media.

No online marketing campaign can provide the desired returns if you are not making good use of social media for marketing. While B2B businesses stand to make the maximum gains by using social media, any other business can derive similar benefits from it. The trick lies in harnessing the marketing prowess of social media in the right way by promoting your website on the social media platform for maximizing visibility, driving more traffic and generating more leads with higher chances of closures. To understand how social media can lend more strength to online marketing, keep reading.

Social media posts can generate website traffic

In addition to search engines which are the primary sources of organic traffic, social media can become an additional resource for driving traffic to your website. Uploading attractive and informative content like blog posts on social media is an easy way of attracting your social media followers and enabling them to engage with your business closely. However, merely posting content on the social media will not drive traffic to your website. You must craftily insert your website links across the post so that when viewers click on it, they reach your website. Posting good quality content encourage viewers to appreciate its value that they acknowledge by sharing it with others thereby enhancing the chances of driving more traffic to the website.

Social media signals boost search ranking

You need not always create separate content for social media because you can upload the blogs and other content of your website across the social media platforms to gain more attention. When viewers get attracted to your social media content and visit your website, the traffic flow increases, and Google treats it as a positive signal and a sign of high-quality website. The search bots help Google to identify quality content,and when the social signals add to it, Google does not hesitate to award better ranks to the web page. Since earning higher ranks is the primary target for SEO, it gets stronger with support from the social media.

Strengthen relationships

As the social media is a place to build relationships, businesses can capitalize on this aspect and forge better bonding with the target audience by nurturing and improving relationships that go a long way for the betterment of the business. In addition, you can use the social media to expand the list of well-wishers and influencers in the industry niche by making new friends with journalists and thought makers and improving relationships so that it helps to serve your business interests. You can consume the content that they post on the social media to gather insight about customer behavior that helps to gather valuable marketing leads. When you are in the company of influencers and thought leaders in your industry niche and interact with them, it establishes your authority and leadership which adds value to your credentials.  By nurturing the relationships, you can reap long-term benefits for business.

Sharing on social media outscores advertising

Advertising is a major tool for grabbing eyeballs but not only is it expensive but its impact on the internet is diminishing because of its intrusive nature that affects viewers’ browsing experience adversely. Many viewers use ad blockers to prevent advertisements from displaying during browsing thereby reducing its effectiveness further. To overcome the limitations of online advertising, marketers can use social media posts as marketing tools for aptly replacing online advertising but with more power and better returns. The social media posts convey the advertising message in a veiled manner without diminishing its impact because viewers pay more attention to it than viewing advertisements. Linking the posts to the website opens the gateway for driving traffic to it.

Customize social media ads

 One of the reasons for the effectiveness of social media in online marketing is that you can customize the advertisements that appear of social media.  You can create advertisements on social media like Facebook that is specifically created for a targeted group by considering its behavioral traits together with the demographics. Retargeting visitors is an added opportunity in social media advertising.

The social media channels help to gather prompt feedback from customers that gives impetus to the development activities aimed at providing better customer experience.