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    SEO expert Texas: Things you can do in 2020 to improve your business

    With frequent algorithm changes, the SEO landscape has become more dynamic than before. When a new decade began with 2010, one of the experts forecasted that Google queries would impact traffic in the coming times. By the time we reached halfway, the introduction of featured snippets had made way for zero click results, almost corroborating the prediction. This feature showed what you should expect when Google immediately provides answers to any queries. The site visits got reduced. However, it didn’t end there.

    The search engine giant brought some more similar elements in the form of answer boxes and auto-fill answer options in the dropdowns. You type a question in the search bar, and AI gives you predictive answers without having you to press ‘enter.’ From June 2019, a large number of searches became zero clicks due to them.

    As an SEO expert Texas, we can say that 2020 is going to lead you into a new era of SEO practices. Google’s machine learning will master the language. There will be significant changes happening in the way people search for something and how search engines display responses. Since it indicates a critical time, everyone (including small and large businesses) needs to build their SEO strategy for the new decade. To make sure you are ready for it, you have to implement certain things. Here is a quick overview of those.

    SEO Expert Texas: Tips for better search engine optimization tactics

    Map the role of SEO with your overall goal

    SEO is not the end of everything, and it’s not a part of marketing also. Your business will aim for some purposes and try to achieve it within a specific time. Whatever you expect has to be reasonable. The marketing goals should focus on the overall goals, and SEO should help push for those marketing goals. To make things work out, you would need proper planning.

    You can’t randomly upload blogs with keywords in the hope of getting results. And, the content you produce will anyway consume your time whether or not it delivers the results. So, it’s wise to aim for the long term. Make SEO a part of broader marketing strategies and overall business objectives. This harmony and strategic development across the teams can come to your advantage.

    Use breadcrumbs to enhance site navigation

    Whether you are an e-commerce company or something else, it is essential to understand that your website construction and optimization plays a huge role in increasing its visibility. Nowadays, people include breadcrumbs to make sure their visitors have a smooth and seamless experience while exploring their platforms. It creates a trail so that users can traverse easily with one click at a time. When you incorporate this, Google also becomes aware of the cascading hierarchy of the platform, and as a consequence, starts giving preference to you. And this ultimately culminates into getting you higher rankings, the one that everyone hankers after.

    One of the best things about breadcrumbs is its dual functionality. While it makes navigation an effortless experience for your users, it also ensures that search engines understand your site structure well and favor it.

    Play for long-tail keywords instead of highly competitive ones

    Finding the right keyword and competing for it is not easy. You may have tried multiple things, and yet success never happened. For example, if your product is biscuit, you would want to appear on top of the relevant searches. But this is not realistic. For better results, you have to channelize your efforts and investment somewhere else. You need to look for long-tail keywords, which can be less competitive, but they can change the game in your favor. For this, you would have to dig deeper into analytics to find out which ones need targeting and can be useful.

    And, being an SEO expert services Dallas, we can tell you Google is evolving faster, and voice searches are becoming more real. Even search queries are taking on a conversational tone. From this, you can conveniently guess the importance of long-tail keywords. Those who use descriptive keywords while searching for a particular product or service tend to be serious customers. They want to buy it. You can comfortably assume this because when they are scouting for something specific, it means they need it for some purpose. Hence, you can expect long-tail keywords to give you better conversion rates compared to head keywords. As far as ranking goes, you can improve your positions targeting these keywords quickly. Your rate of conversions will also be better.

    Besides, using long-tail keywords can also save you from the headache of zero-click searches. As mentioned, these keywords show the buying intent of the users. They are not looking for immediate answers. They want the product or service.

    What Google will do next is difficult for anyone to predict. However, if you have built a sturdy SEO foundation, you don’t have to worry. Your organized site structure, content with long-tail keywords, breadcrumbs, and harmony with marketing and company goals will enable you to sail safely through all the algorithm updates and technological developments.

    If you live in Dallas and need assistance in this area, you can look for our services. We have specialization in this field and can handle all the SEO-related requirements of a business to help it attain the desired success. However, in this context, it is also necessary to be aware that your SEO work doesn’t stop here. It is only a beginning. There are a lot of other dimensions also where you need to pay equal attention.

    As an SEO expert Dallas, we are going to take you through some of those aspects also so that you gain a fair understanding of the crucial elements that can come in handy in the advanced optimization work. Let’s check them out.

    SEO expert Texas: Some more advanced optimization tips

    Leverage video marketing for branding

    Content is an integral aspect of video marketing. It has to be engaging, enjoyable, and share-worthy. The more people like your video, the higher it ranks in the results. To grab attention, you have to add an exciting title and description to your video. It should stimulate the natural interest in the people so that they end up clicking on it. Before you give any title, discuss it with everyone for better ideas and possibilities. Get feedback from the team about its impact. You can take the same approach with meta description. Use the right keywords that define the video and are also easy to understand by search engines. It can speed up indexing and increase traffic to your website.

    Once the video is ready, it would help if you considered posting it on YouTube and Facebook. Choose diverse platforms to expand your reach. Some people avoid this because they don’t know that these platforms get almost four billion users together a month. No one can afford to ignore the significance of such an opportunity. With that, you can also explore smaller platforms to attract as much traffic as possible to make your video marketing efforts successful.

    Optimize for visual searches

    It is a new thing. Optimizing for visual searches means optimize images. These searches play a critical role in shopping, finding directions, or while looking for traveling related information. You need to have this on your website. The schema data has to be accurate for every single item, mainly if you are an e-commerce business.

    Write meaningful content for users

    All SEO expert services Texas suggest focusing on one common thing – content. Even Google updates also bring full attention to the use of content. Everyone gets busy figuring out what content should go and how. It makes clear that whatever you do online, you need content for it. Make sure it is authoritative and substantial so that readers engage with it. It should be so comprehensive that they don’t have to look elsewhere for more details.

    So, when making your content strategy, you should take care that it follows the standards of expertise, trustworthiness, and authority. To ensure the highest quality, you need to involve an expert writer or author who specializes in the field and can treat it the best way possible. Google values the author’s reputation a lot and takes it as a ranking signal.

    Plus, the content needs to be honest and transparent, and the author bio too. If your website doesn’t have a contact page, then add this as well. In 2019, Google implemented BERT to refine its searches even more. This algorithm update helps the search engine to choose the best content based on context, relevancy, and authoritativeness.

    Optimize for other search engines also

    Traditional search engines

    Google has been the king of search engines and continues to be so. But if you read the trends carefully, you would know that the market share of this search engine mogul is slightly declining. In 2012, it captured almost 91.7% of the international market, while as of 2019, its percentage dropped to 87.96%. During this, the market share of Bing swelled from 3.5% to 5.26%.

    Google is undoubtedly very huge, even today. But it is not alone. If you ignore others for this, you may miss the opportunities that are available there. Also, when it comes to visual searches, Google is not the only one that people use the most. So, again, it makes sense to explore other territories.

    Some of the common names that may pop up in this context include Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu, among others. All of them have direct competition with Google. You can take advantage of them based on the nature and demand of your products/ services. Baidu’s market share in 2019 stood at 67% in China. As far as mobile searches go, it controls more than 80% of the market.

    DuckDuckGo witnesses more than one billion searches every month, as announced at the beginning of 2019. It doesn’t track users, unlike Google or Bing, which share user data with advertisers. That’s why you won’t see personalized search results here. However, it doesn’t apply to local searches.

    Yahoo controls more than 1.59% of international market share, as per 2019 reports. Earlier, it was a dominant player in this field, but gradually it slipped from its position. Even though it doesn’t make up a considerable amount of organic search traffic, you cannot overlook its utility in the context of the larger marketing and business goals.

    Modern search engines

    When considering the scope of SEO, you cannot limit your attention to only traditional mediums. There are some more search engines too that receive millions of searches every year. Amazon and Pinterest belong to this category. YouTube is also there. But we have covered it under video marketing already. So, let’s touch upon these two briefly.

    In 2019, Amazon received about 2.73 billion of traffic. It is mainly a shopping portal, but it is also a search engine. It shows results based on the keywords that you type. So, you can do the keyword research and optimization here the same way you do for the traditional platforms. Just remember it produces results based on the relevancy of the keyword and whether there is a product to sell or not.

    As far as Pinterest goes, it is also a useful place for branding. People search here through keywords and Pinterest’s “Lens.” You need to optimize your pins for keywords to appear in the results. Lens comes across as a handy tool in visual searches.

    SEO has become a fast-changing landscape, where competition is getting tougher with each passing day. Only fundamental and straightforward SEO strategies are not going to get you anywhere. You have to be thorough with your planning and research to compete and rise above the rest. Being an experienced SEO expert, we can tell you that it is going to be a lot of work. If you don’t have time and resources, you can get in touch with us. We will look into your requirements and try to provide the best solutions based on them.