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    SEO expert Washington DC: Pay attention to the common SEO problems for better results

    Ranking your website on the top position in search engines. SEO is not just essential, but an absolute must also. You have to fully optimize it by keeping in mind the trends if you don’t want to see your competitors do better than you. For this, you have to test and try a couple of best practices that Google and other search giants acknowledge. Not being up-to-date with them can prove harmful to the health of your web pages. But sometimes websites face specific difficulties or drastic changes, for instance, sudden drop or increase in organic traffic. How do you explain this?

    If you ask this to a regular SEO marketer, the person is most likely going to tell you that there is a problem with Google’s algorithm. An SEO expert Chevy Chase advises against such knee-jerk or unwarranted reactions. Jumping to any conclusion without necessary investigation can increase your chances of making mistakes and affect your capability to mirror the success. Either of these situations cannot be favorable for you. Repeated errors can ruin all your SEO building efforts, and stagnancy can curb your ability to grow. As a business owner, you will not like to go through any of these phases.

    As per SEO specialists Walnut Solutions, you need to have a well-organized framework in place to identify the types of issues that can put your organic performance at risk and solve them as quickly as possible. So, what can be these pointers? Let us walk you through this.

    Hear about the four main areas from the SEO expert Washington DC to emphasize

    The algorithm, competition, seasons, and technicalities are the foundation of any search engine optimization activity. Any of these can be a reason behind the growth or decline in SEO traffic. Hence, you have to delve deeper into them for a clear understanding of what happens and how.

    Exploring the key part of the algorithm

    The algorithm helps determine the effectiveness of content or a website by checking it against a set of pre-determined rules. Due to algorithm changes, the site traffic may experience a shuffle. The algorithmic updates can be small or large scale. For instance, you can think about the popularity of featured snippets. The featured snippets transformed the way how results show up on SERP (search engine results page) today. Besides, the number of ads that used to appear has also shot up for different topics.

    When you feel your website traffic has gone up or down, you can check its coincidence with the algorithm update in terms of date. If you don’t see alignment there, you can manually inspect the Google search console. If nothing comes into sight here as well, you can map the changes in traffic with the changes in SERP features.

    To solve the issue caused by an algorithm update, you need to do a few things from your end, as an SEO expert Adams Morgan and others recommend. You can create a timeline to demonstrate the higher or lower traffic movement. If the impact on traffic happened on the same dates as the updates, then digging deeper into the issue becomes essential. You have to understand the gravity of the effect, causes of desirable or undesirable consequences, and success or failure of your efforts.

    You can turn to Google Webmaster, industry articles, and other sources for solutions. Since you can’t do much with things caused by algorithm modifications, you can start weighing your on-page and off-page factors and the influence of the updates on them. At the same time, you may want to find out if Google penalized your website.

    Exploring the technical aspects

    Website traffic can improve or decline due to technological changes in the website. For example, any new addition of a content category, a convergence of two web properties into a single domain, or a shift from non-secure to secure hosting services can be some of the potential factors in this area. Hence, it means you have to study technicalities. Create a log and mention all the backend and front-end changes that you made on the website. You can resort to Google Analytics and CMS to assess the situation. With this, you have to watch out for matters like a website redesign, domain integration, large volume of content upgrade or removal, change in hosting service, marketing campaigns, CMS transitions, etc.

    From the time the changes were implemented to when you noticed an impact on performance, you have to look out for correlation. If you talk to an SEO expert Shaw or someone else about how to find out the real cause, you will learn about the vital role technical SEO audit can play here.

    For this, you will have to take the help of a crawler to examine your entire site. However, not every tool lets you check all the URLs. You may get only limited access. Anyway, as soon as the crawling gets over, you can

    Check all the links for the following things:

    • A standard error, such as broken links or 404, happens naturally sometimes. However, if you notice too many broken links, you may have to take the time to deal with them.
    • Temporary redirections or 302 or extended redirection sequences.
    • Low quality or weak website pages that have insignificant traffic, ranking, or conversions. You can redirect or consolidate them.
    • Duplicate content is another challenge that businesses with a presence in multiple locations face due to using the similar or same content on each front page of their store. As a solution, you can update them with noindex or rel=canonical.
    • txt file can help you discover if crawlers can run on your website pages smoothly.

    The pages that demonstrate more crawl depth needs a priority in terms of attention. Crawl depth refers to the distance of a particular page from the homepage as measured by the number of clicks. A page that needs four to five clicks to be reached from the homepage gets rarely crawled.  However, if the page is essential for your business, then you have to redesign your information architecture.

    Since these things can be difficult for you to track, it would be better to seek assistance from an SEO expert Washington DC. Walnut Solutions is a reputed SEO agency with years of experience and knowledge in this field. We can guide you through this and others also, enabling you to up your game. The point discussed just now is only the beginning of a technical SEO audit. It is an extensive and complicated process. A complete website crawl can reveal about 70 to 80% of the technical challenges of SEO.

    Exploring the effects of seasons

    An SEO expert services Chevy Chase can tell you what to do when seasonality affects your website performance. Seasons can refer to holidays, starting of the financial year, actual seasonal transitions, and economic cycles. To understand it, you can resort to Google Trends. You can go back to five years of search results relevant for your geography for a select product or service. When you get this, you will need to match the graph of organic traffic with search demands occurring in your industry. For solving any issues emerging from local seasonality, you can create a marketing calendar with holidays for your internal use.

    If traffic dwindles during a particular time of the year, you would need to focus on topics that most buyers scout for during sluggish months. You can, for example, imagine about patio furniture business. This business usually witnesses enormous demands in the warmer months. However, when it comes to creating content, efforts should be on targeting topics that work throughout the year. Hence, it is a hint that no matter what type of business you run; you have to discover an angle to be able to reach out to your potential customer.

    Don’t listen to anyone suggesting you to not bother about it. Remind yourself that people do socialize and barbecue in cold months also. Therefore, it makes sense to tap into the seasonal interests of your buyers through topics that will resonate with them for the whole year.

    Exploring the pressure of competition

    The competitive atmosphere can also bear upon the performance of your website. Competition can refer to a new merger, acquisition, or entry. Or, it can happen when non-competing businesses start to show up for keywords that matter to you. Besides, cannibalizing efforts through paid media by others can also be a part of this. To understand if the competition is leading to SEO issues, you need to get into macro trends concerning your products and services, related products, and customer behavior. As per anSEO expert services Adams Morgan, there can be various signs that suggest the impact of competition on organic growth in traffic. However, of them, analytics and Google Trends data can play a critical role.

    If Google Trends points out a consistent upward trend for a particular topic over a period, it means the rise in competition. Lots of other companies may also have entered the area. This hypothesis can prove right if the data of your organic traffic and Google Trends match.

    At the same time, you also have to be aware of the cannibalization of organic search traffic. If you or your rivals invest in this activity a lot, you can face specific challenges. However, sometimes, the problem can also occur if your competitors start investing more in their SEO campaigns compared to you.

    SEO expert services Shaw

    What should you do in such a situation? Whether you approach an SEO expert services Shaw, Adams, or someone else, you will realize that doing topical analysis of the competition can be one way of dealing with the issue. You need to examine the strong and weak points of your competitor. After this, you also need to run your eyes through on-page factors.

    One area where your competitor can most likely beat you from this angle is the organized structure of their content. To understand the topical strength or weakness of your website, you can place all your top-ranking keywords in a pivot table for analysis. You can categorize them as per their appearance on search engine rankings, such as the first page or third page or even the farthest so that you know which of them are yielding results and which are not.

    When this data is ready, you can re-imagine your information architecture based on the findings and capture user intent.

    Apart from this, you can also read the backlink profile against your competitors. From here, you can guess how much good quality links you need to give a fierce competition to your rival business groups in the search engine.

    All these issues may seem easy or complicated, based on your experience and expertise with SEO. However, as a business owner, your priority should be running your products or services. SEO is a different domain and requires special handling and plenty of time. If you want to focus on your core area of business and grow it more, then it makes sense to hire expert SEO services for assistance. A dedicated SEO team can ensure all these and other problems get proper checks and balances from time to time so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

    SEO Expert Washington DC to deal with all the standard and novel SEO problems

    Whether your site opens slowly on a mobile device, or there is an interlinking confusion, specialized SEO people can resolve them for good utilizing their accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience with a diverse range of SEO scenarios. From page structuring to site redesigning issues and keyword cannibalization, specialists can help you overcome any hurdle that poses a challenge for your organic growth in site traffic. However, it also deserves mention that SEO is not only about corrective measures. It also involves plenty of planning and execution of site-wide activities to make it a hit with the target audience.

    If you believe your business has the potential to do much better than its existing state or needs online exposure for a higher reach, then do contact us. Walnut Solutions can work together with you to come up with the right solution.