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    What can an SEO expert California do for you?

    Small and medium enterprise businesses need expert guidance in SEO for visibility and higher rankings of their brands in the digital space. However, many people don’t pay much heed to search engine optimization , SEO Expert California or  take it too casually as they feel anybody can handle it. The real challenge begins when they fail to sew up all the aspects either due to lack of knowledge, experience, or skills. It becomes a cause of grave concern when results don’t match expectations even after spending a considerable amount of money, time, and effort. You can avoid this situation by being careful with your decisions.

    If you live in San Francisco, you can hire our SEO expert San Francisco for assistance. Whether the economy is upbeat or slump, there is always a way to do better than others and be right there in rankings for good business exposure. Plus, when you have specialists by your side, you don’t need to worry about the nitty-gritty of how search engine optimization works and what one needs to do for growth in terms of traffic, conversion, and revenue. You can expect them to take care of all the latest ranking factors applicable to Google and other search engines. Some of them include:

    1. Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
    2. Mobile-friendly website design
    3. Schema markup
    4. Content quality
    5. Page speed
    6. Social signals
    7. Backlinks
    8. Images
    9. Domain age
    10. User experience (UX)

    A brief look into website ranking criteria by SEO expert California

    There can be hundreds of things that a professional SEO agency can do to improve the performance of your online brand. But it is our responsibility at Walnut Solutions to filter out the most crucial white-hat SEO practices first that can increase your website rankings for the long term. Let us quickly discuss what these SEO components are and how they impact your business, so you know their significance in this entire process.

    Why is HTTPS good for SEO?

    Our SEO expert San Diego explains that “HTTP” with the “S” at the end of a URL indicates the security of the website. HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security) or secure sites come equipped with an SSL certificate that encrypts and authenticates the site. When added with a web server, SSL license makes the padlock and the https protocol active so that a secure connection gets established between the web server and browser. It means a lot for users because it secures user information at three levels, such as:

    • Authentication offers safety against scams and hacking, which in turn facilitates trustworthiness
    • Encryption keeps user activities and their information secret to prevent stealing
    • Data integrity ensures safe transfers of a file, safeguarding them from getting corrupted

    Now, you may wonder how it contributes to rankings. As per studies, 84% of users abandon an insecure website for secure connections. It pronounces a direct impact on sales. Google had also suggested that it will continue to support reliable sites. Many surveys link HTTPs with higher rankings. Plus, a secure website can load rapidly than an insecure site.

    How does a mobile-friendly site influence SEO and Rankings?

    An SEO expert San Jose, California, points out that increasing inclination towards getting on-the-go information is one reason why your website design has to comply with mobile devices too. Google doesn’t mind if your desktop and mobile versions have minor differences. Your rankings will still be okay. The search engine giant evaluates the desktop pages based on its relevancy for users. So, if a mobile page displays lesser content than the desktop one, then there can be challenges with rankings.

    To avoid this hassle, only a skilled SEO person can tell you what type of content, internal linking, hosting, and page speed can work in your favor. And, he or she can also introduce the concept of mobile-first responsive design that allows a website to transform itself based on the choice of the device automatically.

    What is the purpose of schema markup for SEO?

    It refers to HTML tags that webmasters use to markup website pages to help search engines recognize them. It is a vital thing for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex as it enables them to bring up the most relevant pages for users. In simple terms, this feature plays an integral role in finding necessary information on websites and alerting search engines about the same so that they understand what the specific web page content is all about.

    It doesn’t mean your rankings will suddenly improve due to this. However, it can facilitate search engines to discover your website and show it up for related queries.

    How do search engines reward quality content?

    Do you check whether your website content is of high quality or not? If no, then you are risking your brand image. Quality content leads to top search rankings, which in turn can affect organic traffic. You may wonder what quality means in this context. Our SEO expert CA can elaborate this rightly. When you refer to high-quality content, you suggest it should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. It should target the user intent by being relevant to the topic. It should be adequately informative. It becomes imperative for specific businesses like legal, medical, and financial websites as their information can influence the health and well-being of the readers. You can also measure it in terms of bounce rate, shares, comments, and amount of time spent on the specific page.

    If you are aware, even Google emphasizes that the website content needs to be authoritative, trustworthy, and well-written. The article quality depends on who wrote it. If a knowledgeable person did it, you could add his or her author bio. Authoritativeness reflects through the number of backlinks and reviews. As far as trustworthiness goes, you can achieve it quickly if your site is secure.

    Can website speed affect conversions?

    As an SEO expert California, we can assert that slow website speed can pose a hurdle for your business growth. On average, a website takes three seconds of load time. If your site takes more time, it should be a cause of worry. Users don’t have the patience to wait for it to open. They will most likely abandon your platform and move on to a better option. As per survey reports also, a large number of people would show patience and then bounce off the page that takes longer than 6 to 10 seconds to download. If adjudged from the angle of calculation, one second delay in page opening can lead to about 7% of loss in conversions and 11% of reduction in page views.

    Even Google gives preference to sites that load faster in its search algorithm. To crawl and index your pages, spiders need that your web pages load quickly. Otherwise, it will not be able to do its task, and your pages will not get indexed in searches. And if indexing doesn’t happen, they will not show up for queries too. In essence, the slow opening site can slip in its rankings. Here are some critical observations by industry experts to make things clear:

    • 8 seconds of load time can make your website rapid than 94% of others
    • 7 seconds of load time can make you quicker than 75% of others
    • 9 seconds of load time can make your website better than 50% of others
    • 5 seconds of load time can mean your site is better than 25% of others

    How do social signals help SEO?

    As a California SEO expert, it is easy to communicate that leads and sales tend to be the two ultimate goals of marketing. Higher brand visibility can mean more conversions. You must have seen that Google crawls Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and other social posts and updates. They appear in SERPs. So, if your brand becomes visible there, it can get more recognition.

    However, it is worth realizing that brand recognition doesn’t come through the number of likes or followers as far as SEO is concerned. Your pages need to get crawled to find a place in the search results. Still, you can use these platforms to build your reputation with the audience through logos, tag lines, and colors. Besides, your presence on social media can also increase the chances of receiving more reviews and links, which can come in handy in boosting your credibility.

    What makes backlinking useful for SEO?

    A trustworthy site linking back to your website increases the trustworthiness of your portal for search engines, as mentioned by our SEO expert Los Angeles. Backlinks push your case in favor of SEO when credible web pages collaborate with you. It signals the credibility and value of your website. The more you invest in this, the more it reflects on your search engine rankings because it demonstrates your authority.

    However, some search engine marketers opt for bad backlinks just to fulfill their tasks. But getting links from untrustworthy sources does more harm than good. After the Penguin update of 2012, Google has been blasting sites with wrong links for practicing black hat SEO techniques. It is unpardonable as it goes against the ethics of search engine optimization. Going after paid links to gain ranking and authority is not fair. That’s why Penguin’s rule came into effect under which sites with bad links faced penalties.

    There are many qualified tools in the market that help detect good and bad backlinks. If you notice a sudden dip in site traffic, you can assume this to be one reason. If you don’t want to get into this hassle, you can talk to us, and Walnut Solutions can address your concerns from our end.

    What do you mean by image SEO?

    Optimizing images is as necessary as content or a web page because it helps crawlers to understand the real implication of the picture and its relevancy for web content. There are specific codes that alert crawlers about this. For example, when you add the file name, title tag, anchor text, caption, and alt-tag, you do your bit for crawlers. Since this is a bit of technical stuff, SEO people from Walnut Solutions can prove to be extremely useful for this purpose too.

    What is the role of domain age in the ranking?

    Even though many SEO experts don’t attach much weight to this, there is a general understanding that an old domain gets preference over a new website in the search results. If two sites compete for a keyword, the older one will supposedly do better than the other if both of them treat other factors in equal measure. Also, the aged domain is easy to trust and choose. However, a Los Angeles SEO expert would suggest that it cannot be the sole criteria for a website to conquer its position. It can contribute to search rankings in combination with a couple of other factors.

    What is the connection between user experience and SEO?

    User experience relates to the experience of comfort and convenience of the visitor with your website. If the user gets desired information on your website without any hassle, he or she might return to you or even end up being your customer. And when you talk about UX, you mean a secure and fast website that is also mobile-friendly. It can also contain video ads but in silent mode.

    What to expect from an SEO Expert California?

    As you can notice, SEO is not so simple. It involves planning and execution at different levels. For this, taking a 360-degree approach is a must. Otherwise, you don’t know what suddenly may crop up and eat into your rankings. To make sure your online business stays away from all the risks and grows to its full capacity, our California SEO company can employ all the measures required in this direction.

    Walnut Solutions can deal with a large number of SEO factors to improve your site rankings and credibility. If you think you need to focus on your core business more, you can choose us to cater here. Your business deserves better treatment and exposure than what it has been getting so far.