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WordPress trends and web design tips for 2021 and beyond

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    WordPress trends and web design tips for 2021 and beyond

    WordPress web design Singapore the internet is an ever-changing environment. This is the place where trends come and vanish. Some trends can stay forever and change the entire landscape of the internet world. In the past year alone, we have had an increase in the use of AI, VR designs, and mobile-first designs for websites. Due to this dynamic nature, it is vital to predicting the design trends that are here to stay and get rid of the short-lived fads as soon as possible.

    Keeping all the factors in mind, here are a few expert tips on WordPress trends for web-design from that will work like magic for 2021 and beyond.

    Let us have a look.

    Blocks are here to stay

    The WordPress design trend of blocks is here to stay with the newest block-standard editor, Gutenberg. Gutenberg works perfectly with menus, widgets, and all parts of a WordPress interface. Gutenberg is also frequently updated with regular improvements and developments, which means as time goes on, the features will get more comfortable to use and compatible across all platforms. The block feature will continue to be useful in 2021 and beyond, so it is a great idea to incorporate the tool as soon as possible.

    Slim themes

    One primary reason for the WordPress web design’s popularity is its extensive repository of aesthetically pleasing themes. However, with the move towards blocks and optimization for speed, we observe a shift from clunky themes towards slimmer features. With the newest features, you can now customize the website other than the provided themes. Site loading times are highly crucial in this day and age, and therefore it is vital to use slimmer themes to get the SEO done right.

    Native page builders

    Expert web designers will understand the importance of native page builds. Right now, WordPress allows for Gutenberg, which is more like a layout tool. However, there are third-party page builders that are slowly gathering traction and momentum. Elementor is such a tool that has over 4-million active downloads and users. Even though Elementor aims at users who do not possess the technical ability to design a website, there is a real market for page builders, and the trend will only see an upturn soon.

    User focus is crucial

    WordPress web design Singapore experts are all for a more robust user focus when it comes to SEO. The truth is, the more the user focus, the better it is for the overall visibility of the website and the organic traffic inflow. Search engines focussing more on delivering results according to the user intent. This is why websites that are written and built for actual users are in demand. Recently search engines are moving towards blocking all third-party cookies, which means you will need to devise better if you are looking to gather user information and data. The sites’ overall standards are on the rise, and therefore, focusing more on user interaction and experience is crucial.

    Accessibility of the site

    As the website owner, you are looking for the best user engagement. At we understand it means you need to make your site accessible to all types of users. Accessibility for differently-abled users is a challenge, and you need to make sure that your site scores high with respect to this metric. There is a growing social responsibility, and awareness campaigns are on the rise for integrating everyone. Consequently, this is something you should make arrangements for and make a part of your web design elements.

    Minimalistic trends are on the rise

    Fewer elements, the bare minimum, these are some of the trends that are on the rise globally. From home architecture to web architecture, the fewer the elements, the better the navigation and accessibility. Keep in mind minimalism also allows a website to save on space, memory, and loading ties. There is a method for designing a minimalistic website. It might mean less text and more video elements, the use of colors, images, and plenty of breathing room.

    Handmade elements

    There is a formula of sorts when it comes to the design elements of a webpage. It is the main reason why the same themes, stock images, and general design motifs are in use everywhere. This often leads to losing the identity of the website. When you are looking to design something trendy, you need to infuse the design with personality, uniqueness, and a charm that reflects the business. Handmade design elements can be anything from icons, fonts, illustrations, and theme features. According to the experts, this will allow for better branding and recall value.

    3D web design elements

    With the massive increase in processing power and internet speeds of the current generation chips and networks, technology allows users to achieve more from the web. Websites with heavy features run smoothly on smaller user platforms, which means that now there is a market for 3D animations and similar design elements. 3D design elements were the first steps towards virtual reality, and we can expect more of this trend in the near future.

    Augmented reality for websites

    Augmented reality has been in the pipeline for a decade, but quite obviously, design and hardware limitations hindered this element. However, in the near future, this is about to change. AR design websites are generally focused more on e-commerce ventures. This is a great feature that will allow users to try out products. The idea is to design applications that will enable users to place items like furniture around the house to check the aesthetics before making the purchase. AR is already finding use in certain areas like trying on spectacles before ordering, and the trend will keep rising.

    In addition to all of the above, voice commands and chatbots are finding a firmer footing all-over the internet due to the popularity of smartphones and speakers. Users not only issue commands but expect talk-back features from websites in real-time. Stay aware of the trends, work with web-design experts, and incorporate the trendiest ideas for your webpage. All the best!