How to Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines That Drive the Maximum Traffic to Your Website

Perhaps the biggest challenge for content creators is attracting eyeballs to the topics. In that also persuading users to click on the search results even after it has achieved Page 1 ranks. Contemporary users are very discerning and they scan the results listed on the SERPs very quickly to understand which of the results are most likely to satisfy their search intent and click on them. The headlines that typically drive the most website traffic. CTRs tend to be very relevant to the content, contain the search keyword, and generate interest among the target audience. There are no standard formulas for writing effective headlines; however, there are quite a few tips that can help you to write headlines that work.

Integrate Keywords into the Headline 

Since the entire purpose of creating and managing web content is to generate organic traffic from the target audience. You need to have content that is relevant, useful, and entertaining. However, for this to happen, you need to first find out what people are looking for and how they are expressing their queries. In short, you need to find out what keywords they are using to find content. To use them in your content for maximizing the traffic volume. When a keyword is rich in keywords and relevant to the topic, it sends out signals that it represents good value for the users. It makes them click on the URL and read the content. According to, studying the keywords used by the competition can help to structure an effective headline.

Generate Multiple Headlines 

Writers can often experience a mental block when trying to think of really compelling headlines. To get around the problem, they can try to write out several headlines. As contrary to logic as it may seem, often this exercise serves to loosen the creative juices. There is always a chance that you may be able to write something really powerful and brilliant.

Use a Quote Pulled from the Content 

A very effective way of constructing a headline is to pull a quote. It is especially by an influencer or celebrity, from the content itself. Of course, the quote should be relevant to the article and vibe with the search intent to be most effective. It is important to keep in mind the guidelines of the Associated Press Style. That prescribe using single quote marks in the headlines rather than the commonly used double quote marks used in body copy.

Leverage a Powerful Statistic

A headline that incorporates an important or compelling statistic into the content headline. It can be a very powerful driver for users to click on it when it appears on the search results page. Statistics that seem unbelievable work the best because they pique the users’ interest.

See What Competitors Are Doing 

The headlines your competitors are using can often provide excellent inspiration when you are unable to make any headway with yours. By creating some variations of the powerful headlines written by your competitors, you can also appeal to your target audience. However, be sure not to copy them as then Google will tag your content as duplicate or plagiarized and drive the rankings down.

Use Capital Letters for Extra Impact 

The visual impact of the headline also counts a lot for attracting reader interest and clicks. Sometimes inserting a word in all capital letters can give the headline an extra sense of urgency. The immediacy that can drive additional traffic. However, this method works best when you use it sparingly. As too much use of capital letters can destroy the very effect you are trying to create. You will also need to decide whether a word in capital letters goes well with the subject of the content and your tone of writing.

Frame the Headline in the Form of a Question

When the article serves to answer the question that users have in their minds, it can be helpful to structure the headline in the form of a question as it finds an instant recognition in the minds of the users. Headlines in the form of questions also help readers to know at the outset the exact nature of the article and what questions the content will address. From the point of driving qualified traffic, this can be very important.

Insert A CTA in the Headline

Inserting a call to action upfront in the headline itself has the benefit of compelling users to do something after reading the article. When these headlines incorporate powerful action words as “learn”, “discover”, “understand”, “find out”, etc., it makes the user think that they will end up a more empowered individual if they read the article. Invariably, the CTA introduces a sense of purpose into the reader and helps drive clicks.

Introduce a Number in the Headline 

Research has demonstrated by introducing a number in the headline, the number of clicks goes up substantially. Though conventional grammar and the Associated Press style guide, say that sentences starting with the number should be spelled out and this rule also holds good for numbers nine and lower. However, keeping in mind that in the online world, the attention spans are very short and space is valuable, it is usually better to use numerals rather than spelling out numbers. Digits in headlines also call attention to them and encourage visitors to click and know more.

Test Variations of the Headline to See Which Works Better

When you have a few variations of a headline and are not sure which one to use, it can be a very good idea to test them out. For the same content, you can then find out which headline has drawn more clicks so that you know what kind of language your target audience prefers. A good headline can often be 50% more effective than an ordinary one.


Given the intensely competitive environment in the online marketing world, there is huge pressure on content to deliver the traffic and clicks that lead to conversions. When users are bombarded with content from various sources, a compelling headline may all be that separates a popular content from one that is not read at all.