3 SEO Expert Tips for Simplifying Your Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing

it can become overwhelming. This year, it is a good idea therefore to focus on making your strategy easier Numerous apps and products in general were launched and pushed throughout last year and the truth is to execute by focusing on what is most important.

Simplifying your marketing strategy will make it impossible to take advantage of new technologies in more manageable doses. This is especially useful for the local business that may not have the budget or the time to spend money on every social media channel that is introduced into the market. Here are some SEO expert strategies to start you off.

  1. Necessity

True, social media gives you access to a huge audience at a very affordable cost. However, research also shows that there is no direct correlation between social media usage and customer influence. Facebook, the social media giant is working on a local search site to counter the limited functionality of the current Places platform.

Social media is definitely effective in engaging existing customers and updating them on changes as well as reaching out to them with offers and deals. Such engagement gives your brand top of mind position in the consumer’s mind and therefore assists with retention.

Because of the time required, which is unavailable, it is better to use the social media page to redirect traffic to a more updated platform such as the company website. You have more control of the experience on the website and can match it to the store more easily.

  1. TMI Marketing is a No-no

Sharing too much information (TMI) even in social spheres is frowned upon. Brands that overload the consumer with information make it difficult to make a decision. It bogs down the consumer and losing the consumer at the messaging point is not likely to result in a purchase.

  1. Focus on the 20

Based on the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, focus your marketing on 20 per cent of the top clients. This principle asserts that 80 per cent of your business comes from the top 20 per cent of clients who purchase more, request for more services and order frequently.

Therefore conduct a simple research on keywords, calls from ads and current sales from advertising. Identify your top 20 percent and use this to guide your marketing strategy going forward.


Some of these principles are basics that may have been forgotten with the increased focus on acquiring the latest app. Rethinking your approach can have a tremendous impact on your business.