3 SEO Tips to Make your Video Content Marketing Stand Out

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine today, meaning that video content should already be included in your SEO/Content Marketing strategy. Many websites have good and relevant content, but having video in addition to or lieu of text can result in much better overall performance.

The average internet user is impatient, which means he wants to take the shortest time to find and consume the information he needs. As such, the users will rather watch a two-minute video that says everything contained in a 1,000+ word article on the exact same subject. If it’s about a product, a video demonstration is more effective that just text, or even text and images.

Below are five tips to help you improve the quality of your video content to clinch that sweet ranking spot you’ve been eyeing:

  1. Use all the fields

On YouTube, ensure every field on the ‘Video Description’ section has been filled – title, brief description and even annotations. In the empty space below, add social media share buttons and invitations to subscribe as well as a link to the video to make it easier to share.

Maximize on the characters given to promote your brand, and include major keywords in the description and metadata. Be open and concise about what viewers should expect, include key lessons and take-aways.

  1. Go high quality

Go all out to make sure you have the best quality video showing. A poorly-done video not only turns away viewers, it gives a negative image about your brand. If you’re on a limited budget, at least ensure the lighting and sound are properly done. Apply similar standards to thumbnails, which should preferably be still images.

Even a phone that shoots HD and a high quality $20 microphone is enough, so there’s no excuse to present a bad video. You can also outsource video editing, motion graphics and closed captioning for around $50 or even less.

  1. Remember mobile

It’s 2015, they year of Mobile, hence you can’t forget those. Smartphones are now rather sophisticated, but they are still limited because of their size. Mobile users are also a lot less patient, so ensure your video is compact to improve load speeds.

Remember that more than half of YouTube videos are viewed on mobile, especially now that Wi-Fi and data plans are becoming cheaper and readily available.