4 Key SEO Advantages of Blogging According to SEO Expert UAE

Search engine optimization is a broad field and it does not end with website content optimization and backlink creation. Adding a blog to your business website is a great way to bring more traffic to your site. If you ask any SEO expert UAE, he or she will suggest you to start a blog for earning the love and attention of target customers as well as Google.

You must have noticed that these days even the ecommerce websites feature blogs. Earlier, webmasters thought that blogs are not necessary for all types of businesses, but now they are realizing the potential of blogging. If you are still wondering why you should add a blog to your business site, read the advantages mentioned below.

Complete control: When you host a blog personally, you have complete control over its look and content. Hence, brand identity can be maintained perfectly and the right keywords can be used in posts to help users find your articles faster.

Give users what they need: If you follow Google’s SEO guidelines then you must have noticed that it loves websites that answer the queries of the web users. In a website service page, you can write about what services you offer and what are their benefits, but in a blog you can write completely non-promotional articles and help readers get valuable information. For example, a website design company may have a “web design services” page where it talks about services, rates, employees etc., but in the blog you can write “How to design a site using WordPress” and attract thousands of web users. Some of the visitors may not need web design services right now, but since you have answered their queries, they will visit your site when they will need web design services. As you are keeping the potential customers happy with the content and they are regularly coming back to your site, it will send a positive signal to Google and help your site acquire a better rank on SERP.

Great for link building: Since the blog is a part of your main business domain, when readers will share the links of articles, it will help you collect quality backlinks. The great thing about blogging is every post is treated as a web page and when people willingly share your article links on social media or other places, incoming traffic increases significantly. When the new visitors will be happy with the articles, the next thing they will do is visit your site to know what type of products or services you offer.


Release fresh content: Google loves the sites which release fresh content frequently. While it may not be possible to change the website service pages every now and then, the blog can be used for publishing fresh and informative content regularly. Fresh content keeps search engines happy and as a result customers keep coming back to your website.

These are the main SEO benefits of blogging. Besides these, blogging also helps in marketing and allows you to interact with the target audience through blog comments. If you don’t have a blog yet, it is the best time to start developing a blog for your corporate site.