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7 Effective Ways to Create the Best User-Generated Content for Your Brand!

Promoting your brand’s online presence with the best User-Generated Content is crucial to boost your brand’s performance. If you want a better result in your brand’s performance. If you want to reach the maximum target audience for your brand, creating user-generated content can firmly help your business to grow. However, creating quality content often becomes very expensive and time-consuming too. But what if it can be done in proper ways with minimal cost and without investing much time as well? Here in this article, you will come to know about some truly effective ways to create the best user-generated content for your brand. But before we start explaining the ways it is much needed to understand the basics of User-Generated.

UGC – The Outcome of a Survey

Well, according to Forbes, a survey among 400 random customers shows that 60% of the people preferred to share UGC. As it allowed them to get more likes on social media platforms and to get appreciated by their favorite brands.

UGC – How it Works?

In a very simplistic way, the UGC is nothing but promoting a brand with a variety of promotional content where the users or fans of a brand do the job instead of the brand itself. As already said, the promotional content varies. It can be posting pictures or videos or blog posts or tweets and so on. Well, an example can provide a clearer vision of this. The famous camera brand “Canon” often conducts campaigns by asking its fans to post their best-captured photos. But with specialized hashtags and the brand will post the winning photo with names on their Instagram page. So, it is quite understandable that with this very technique you can easily encourage your fans and followers to reshare their posts with their friends and family. And not only that, with this method you can reach your maximum target audience faster with minimal costs and efforts. Now you might have a circling question hammering your brain as to how to start and run an effective UGC campaign for your brand. Right? No worries. Just read on the 7 most effective ways so that you can also encourage your followers to share user-generated content for your brand.

Choose the Best Platforms

Choosing the best platforms is the most important part when you are planning for user-generated content to boost your brand’s performance. You have to conduct a few pieces of research to understand the best social media platforms where your target audience spends much time. And you have to decide what type of content you are expecting to get shared by your followers. For instance, if you wish to share some curated written content, it is best to share them on Facebook. On the contrary, if you wish to share a visual one, Instagram should be your first choice. This social media platform is the best suited for visual content. Apart from Facebook and Instagram, you can also use some of the other best platforms like Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest according to your need.

Run Frequent Contests

Once you have chosen the best-suited platforms for the UGC, now it’s time to encourage your followers to share your posts so that they can reach the maximum audience. We have got a very simple trick for this to happen. You just need to run some frequent contests to get the encouragement and attraction of your followers. However, here in the context, always keep in mind what your motive is? Your motive is to get maximum participation from your followers. So, avoid complications and make the rules of the contests as simple as possible.

Offer Attractive Rewards

Running frequent contests won’t be enough and effective unless you offer some attractive rewards for the contest winners. Offering attractive rewards will help you to attract more followers to participate in the contests. Although, offering attractive rewards doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on this. You can simply give rewards to the winner by posting their photos or names on your brand’s Instagram handle. Such ways of social recognition will encourage them to participate in the contests again and again.

Create Unique Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely effective in a brand’s promotion on social media. Using specialized and unique hashtags can categorize your brand and can help you to reach your maximum target audience. We hope, you can still remember the famous #ShareaCoke campaign by Coca-Cola. You would be surprised to know that with that said campaign Coca-Cola manages to achieve close to 25 million new followers on their Facebook page. So, you can easily understand the effectiveness of using unique hashtags on social media to get the traffic landing on your business page.

Get Help from the Social Media Influencers

Are you lacking followers? Is this the reason you are not able to run UGC campaigns? If this is your problem then we have got a simple solution for this problem. You can get help from social media influencers to get the job done for you. As you know that the social media influencers are having huge followers or a fan base. So, you can just collaborate with them and ask them to promote your UGC campaign. So that it can reach the maximum of your target audience.

Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback from the users is an effective way to connect with your followers. In this way, you can get real feedback from the users of your brand. And you can build a strong relationship with them as well. A good business relationship with your customers can help you in promoting the best user-generated content for your brand effectively.

Support a Noble Cause

Supporting a noble cause can help you in the UGC campaign. Especially in this pandemic situation, millions of people suffered a lot and are still suffering. So, if you try to do a little good for them, there is a high probability that you will get appreciated by your followers. If you can make your followers understand that your motive is not only earning revenues. Then you will get ethical support from the people for sure.


So, we hope that we have made you understand the importance of UGC and the most effective ways to create the best user-generated content for your brand. Now it’s your turn to apply them in your business to get the maximum benefit from social media marketing without any hassle!