8 Important Tips to Help You Write Product Descriptions That Will Sell

Product descriptions will ultimately make all the difference between whether you will get or lose a sale. Many companies will hire professional copywriters to assist in describing their text because of the importance of the few words that accompany your product image. A great description of your product or services can have a powerful impact on your sales. This is why you need to hire a company or team of writers who can churn out excellent content. Here are a few tips for writing the best product descriptions for your business.

Know your product

You will have difficulties selling your products or services if you have no specific understanding of them. For business owners selling their own products, getting details to write will not be too hard. However, if you are sourcing your products from other companies or wholesalers, the information that you get may not be sufficient for you to create captivating content. Make sure that you get adequate information about your products before writing any product descriptions. You will be able to churn great descriptions and you will be able to answer any questions from your customers about the product or service.

Write unique descriptions

Even though it might be tempting to copy all or just a part of the product description from a different source, it is important that you do not get into this temptation. Instead, you should create unique content for every product especially if you have a variety of products that you are selling on your website. By not putting extra effort into how your products are described, you can easily reduce the value of the products. In addition, it can be damaging to your SEO efforts because Google will penalize websites that use any duplicated content. Furthermore, having distinct descriptions will resonate better with your customers and will reflect in the true personality of your brand.

Always write for your target customers

Before you begin writing any product descriptions, it is important that you take time to think about your ideal buyer. This will help you to customize your style, language, and writing tone. The key goal is to ensure that the product description you end up with is relevant, persuasive, and appealing. You can only achieve this if you know your target audience better. Be sure to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and determine what is important to your clients and what they really want.

Always talk about the benefits and not just features

Most businesses are always excited about the features of their products and how they compare to their competitors. This is mainly because it is the features that will make your product effective, desirable, and useful. Furthermore, the features of your product will make them stand out from your competitors. Even though the features are crucial, there are not usually the factors that really sell your product. Most customers will look at the benefits of these features when making a purchase. This is why you need to describe the benefits of the products you are selling.

Avoid using turn-off phrases and words

It is important for product description writers to avoid using phrases or words that do not contribute positively to your descriptions in any way. It is better for you to use other phrases and words that demonstrate the greatness and uniqueness of your product. For example, all businesses believe that their products are of excellent quality. Therefore, there is no need for you to use words or phrases that will be the status quo with most products and product descriptions. You should also avoid using words that have negative connotations. Superlatives should be used sparingly in your descriptions and should always be backed by facts. 

Make your descriptions easy to scan

Most internet users will not read anything they find on the internet in detail anymore and this includes product descriptions. To ensure that your product descriptions are effective, you must ensure that they are easy to scan. You can achieve this by using fonts that are clear and big. You should also include descriptive headlines that contain your important selling points and consider using lists instead of long paragraphs. It is also important for you to experiment with different colors and make sure that your product descriptions have clear images.

Adhere to SEO best practices

Consumers can only access your product descriptions and content if it ranks well in the search results of search engines. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow the SEO best practices to guarantee a Google-friendly page and boost your chances of converting visitors into actual paying customers. You must ensure that you write unique product descriptions that will avoid any imitation issues. You should also be creative with your content for you to maintain originality and avoid overusing your keywords and phrases. Keyword stuffing your product descriptions will make the search engines suspicious and it could also affect your credibility as an expert in your industry.

Add user feedback and stats

It is important for you to include user feedback and statistics in your product descriptions where possible. You should be specific with your stats and description so that visitors do not have to leave your page in order to look for additional information. You can include things such as media box, product achievements, professional advice, social followers, and product rate meter within your product description. This is a crucial and proven technique that will persuade clients about the validity and performance of your product. Users want to be informed about your product and when they get all the information that they need about it, they are persuaded to make a purchase.

Product descriptions should enable you to sell your service or products and not just give a description of it. When you get to know your audience and product completely, then you will be in a position to write great, SEO-friendly content that will persuade prospective users to purchase. It can be tempting for you to overelaborate or embellish in order to force a sale. However, if you stick to the above-mentioned principles, you will have concise, well-written product descriptions that will make sales for your business.