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9 Must-Have Qualities of the Best SEO Company

Online business is quite competitive and with millions of companies on the internet today, competition is stiff. This is why you need to hire a competent SEO company to help you get relevant and dedicated customers to your website. A good digital company has an excellent understanding of the functionality of internet marketing inside out. They will work on your website to ensure that you are getting organic traffic so that you can rise through the search engine rankings. If you are looking for an SEO company, here are a few qualities that you must consider.

Professional team

An essential characteristic of a good SEO company is one that has a professional team in place to cater to the needs of their clients. The company should encourage its employees to carry out research and stay on top of the algorithms that are employed by Google and other search engines. A good company will emphasize on staff training to ensure that they are conversant with new digital media tricks and SEO tools. They will also invest in the tools and technology required to maximize their effectiveness in the field.

Ethical methodology

Some SEO firms may employ “black hat” techniques. These methodologies include doorway pages, spamming, and invisible text. Even though black hat marketing may provide results quicker than white hat techniques, they are prohibited by most search engines. The results are also not long-term and your website may be dropped from ranking considerations if you are caught. A good company will employ white hat techniques that are allowed by the search engines and will deliver organic results in the long run. When hiring an SEO company, be sure to ask them about the techniques that they employ so that you are confident that they are using ethical techniques.

Latest techniques

The online marketing field keeps evolving and so do the SEO techniques. A good SEO company will constantly be on the lookout for the latest updates and changes in the search engine optimization methods. They will study new techniques and quickly apply them to meet the needs of their clients. They will explore every area of SEO and not just on-page SEO. You should never hire a company that relies on simplified tools and outdated techniques that may not generate the results you want. With the search engines getting smarter by the day, you must ensure that your techniques also evolve to keep up with the search engines.


Even though no SEO agency can guarantee instant results, a good company will come close. A quality SEO firm will have a good portfolio showing a history of success that their clients have achieved as a result of their good work. Search engine optimization is a marketing method where you can easily track your ROI and a good SEO firm should be able to show you their results-credentials.


Some companies may claim to provide services for prices that may seem too good to be true. A company may offer an extremely low price because they work alone. However, you should be aware of this. This is because you may never achieve the results that you are hoping for with a single professional. Proper SEO will take lots of hours of work and a single individual may not be able to handle a similar service for multiple customers. Good SEO companies will have multiple people working on different tasks to guarantee results. Make sure that you do a price comparison among different firms in order to make the right decision.

Plans and Strategies

A good SEO company will customize their services to suit the needs of every client. This is because they understand that companies operating in different industries have different needs and no two businesses are the same. Good SEO agencies will take their time to learn about the goals and needs of their clients so that they can provide customized plans after consulting with them. An SEO firm that is not concerned about your individual goals is likely to disappoint you in the long run. A good SEO firm will work on effective strategies and SEO campaigns and follow a well-thought plan. They will also study the strategy of your competitors and then come up with a powerful strategy for your business.

On-time SEO

With a good SEO company, you should expect monthly reports, timely execution, and comprehensive support. If you get an SEO company that executes SEO plans and achieves their targets, then you are sure that you are dealing with experts. It is worth investing in a company that carries out its plans in a timely manner. They should also offer detailed monthly reports to enable you to know how your SEO campaigns are faring on. Good SEO agencies will also provide you with comprehensive support on whatever issue you are having with regards to the search engine performance of your website.

Achieved great rankings

It is important to go for a company that has achieved the type of ranking and SEO results that you want for your business. You need to look at what they have achieved for the other clients they have worked with in the past. If they do not have any credible results, what make you think that they will achieve different and better results for your business? Top SEO agencies have achieved excellent results for their clients and they will be eager to show you what they have done for their previous clients.

Custom billing packages

If an SEO company tries to fit you into one of their pricing tiers, then they are not the best choice for your business. Top companies will take time to know your business better and your objectives before they even start talking about the cost of their services. This is because different businesses will have different SEO goals for their businesses. By focusing on return on investment or ROI instead of the budget, you will always have the flexibility of making changes that will get your business the best results.

Search engine optimization is an important and powerful marketing strategy that can improve your search engine rankings and boost your sales. However, most SEO agencies lack the experience and skills needed to effectively implement good SEO strategies. When hiring an SEO agency, always remember that a reputable and experienced firm will never depend on self-promotion and aggressive marketing to get their clients. This is because they have established a long-standing reputation that speaks for them.