Are we all anticipating a November 2019 update from Google?

Google has always taken the SEO world and brands by surprise with its updates! And over the past few days, there’s been ample evidence that there’s been an unexpected Google update. And this has affected websites across several segments. Most of the after-effects of the update are unfavourable; however, the spammers did make some gain.

The impact of this update got felt across several industries like:

  • Travel booking sites
  • Skincare sites
  • Technology care sites
  • Recipes website
  • Health websites

What recipe bloggers’ felt?

Google never aims at specific domains with its updates! Hence, the recipe bloggers are an organized team. Therefore, when something happens, this community voices it up. A few days back, there were about 45 recipe blogs that had reported a loss from the latest update.

The first-time casualties of Google update

There have been several publishers who had got affected by this update as well. These publishers didn’t undergo any impact with earlier updates.

The Facebook-Hat views

People from the SEO Signal Lab Facebook community also witness similar experiences. One person shared that site, which was seven years old, which always used to be within the top three searches for years, dripped its rank suddenly.

The person also stated about using content analysis software for assessing the SERPs to have a clear understanding of the words used for queries. Not knowing if that was clue enough, another person who never got impacted from the past updates reported that this update was challenging.

There was one more Facebook member, who witnessed a 20% change in the traffic and had slight variations in the keyword placements. Such outcomes usually occur with an increase in Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, Top Stories as well as several other beneficial Google features which brings down organic results.

Based on the MozCast, the most significant changes occurred in Top Stories. That was ample evidence that the update was at its peak. Is that the reason for traffic declines? That is very difficult to conclude. Now it too early to comment on the update, and the SEO industry is gathering data about this update and its possible changes.

However, more people are stating about ranking loss in the SEO Signals Labs team! Even Twitter has reported several losses than gains.

The final and important takeaways

Google has always been abrupt with its changes and updates. The outcomes have been both favourable and unfavourable. Are you wondering about the November 2019 update? It’s a smart call to wait patiently to hear and know more about the Google update. More assumptions might lead to confusion.

The majority of the earlier updates usually concentrated on the relevance by having a better understanding of the queries. It also focused on understanding link signals and the web pages clearly. There’s a possibility that Google is coming up with the blend of outcomes that are associated with queries, content as well as backlinks.  That could be a safe thing to do. However, at this moment, most SEO professionals and other online business sites are clueless. It will be misleading to say that Google is all set of target-specific content and site types.