DuckDuckGo Optimization Rules Every SEO Expert India Should Know

Google may be world’s number one search engine, but there are some other search engines out there as well. You can’t tell users to use Google only while searching for your business and thus, it is essential to optimize your website for all the other search engines. DuckDuckGo is one of the newcomers in the world of search engines, but its growth rate over the last few years is surely impressive. If you consider yourself as a true SEO Expert India and want to gather some knowledge about DuckDuckGo optimization techniques, then this post is for you.

Users are everything: Let’s forget the SEO jargons and think practically. What is the main goal of a search engine? It wants to offer accurate information to the users and keep the users happy. DuckDuckGo believes in this philosophy very seriously and if you really want to get a top spot in DuckDuckGo results, develop a great website that offers valuable information and excellent user friendly features.

Acquire quality links: Link building is a common activity of SEO professionals, but DuckDuckGo requests SEO experts to get links from top ranking sites only. If you can get links from a site like Wikipedia, then your site will surely outrank the competitors in your niche.

Optimize to support semantic search: This small yet powerful search engine tries to understand the intent of the end users and produces relevant results. It follows the rule of semantic search and thus, you should optimize your site accordingly.

Be tactful for local search: Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not track a user’s exact location. They give high priority to the privacy of their loyal fans. Therefore, if you want to rank high in local search results, you must describe your office/shop location in your site. For example, a shoe store can write “we are located next to the X school, on the Y road.” It is not exact address like you see in Google local search results, but it helps DuckDuckGo locate your shop.

After reading this article, you must have realized that basically there is not much difference between Google/Bing/Yahoo SEO guidelines and DuckDuckGo SEO principles. Just make sure that you have a great site, quality backlinks and right information; DuckDuckGo will notice your site.