Facts about ‘People Also Ask’ & Ways to Leverage This Amazing Google SERP Feature

It is an undisputed fact that SERPs has undergone several changes during the last year. Some elements such as Knowledge Graphs, Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, and Local Packs have taken the SEO landscape by the storm. However, some of you are a wee bit confused.

As per an SEJ author, ‘People Also Ask’ seems to be a fascinating feature of the dynamic search engine results page. When you start by clicking any one of those questions that are present there. Certain accurate details are revealed and simultaneously further questions would be added at the bottom of that list.

As featured snippets are gaining traction, changes are also taking place simultaneously. As per the findings of a study that was conducted by Ghergich & Co. and SEMRush, 41.59 percent of the featured snippets were demonstrated once the user came up with a question. The study had analyzed 6.9 million or more featured snippets according to the keyword group. However, in recent times, ‘People Also Ask’ is creating waves. People Also Ask seems to have a major impact on your SERPs. PAA has become one of the most fascinating Google SERP features. This feature is both powerful and prominent. As per, ‘People Also Ask’ has witnessed 1,723 percent growth in terms of the SERPs ever since 31/7/15. This is in comparison to Featured Snippets that have experienced just about a 328 percent growth ever since that timeframe. We know that research has revealed that just one single PAA could display as many as 21 unique SERPs.

PAA Could Appear in Diverse Positions on the SERP

Many people would assume that PAAs generally appeared in just one and the same position. Unlike Featured Snippets that would always be displayed at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. PAAs could be found in numerous different locations on the page. Understanding clearly the implications and repercussions of the diverse PAA positions in the Search Engine Results Page would impact the CTR of organic results particularly on mobile, where we know that space seems to be precious.

Are PAAs Having A Limit?

Not really. This intriguing feature has the capability of triggering potentially countless questions on the chosen topic. As per the research findings of Britney Muller, a Moz researcher, the first three to four listing would go into minimum hundreds of listings once clicked on. With every simple click, the four PAA questions could be triggering three added listings and more. It has been observed by experts that People Also Ask could be varying extensively right from just a fixed number of listings maybe three or four listings to a host of results.

We know that when a searcher clicks on a question that is present on the PAA, you could get to see that question popping up and expanding for taking up much more screen space. You would be getting an extra two or maybe three questions automatically added to the list right at the bottom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Quite interestingly PAA doesn’t seem to be keeping this particular feature consistent. Sometimes, the fixed number goes away and at some other times, keywords seem to have a fixed just 3 or 4 PAAs. You must be wondering precisely what method would help determine which specific keywords would be triggering infinite PAAs and even the ones that wouldn’t. Unfortunately, it is difficult to pinpoint a methodology to know more about the keywords and the associated number of PAAs. We understand that the exact number of PAAs doesn’t seem to be associated with any specific keyword patterns or verticals presently though the situation is open to changes in the future. Google would carry on with its experimentation and PAAs could get transformed completely. It would be impacting your overall search journey and providing diverse number of relevant answers to all your questions.

PAAs Could Come Up with Video Results

Google is constantly experimenting with novel features in the United States first. Responding to a People Also Ask listing using a video would certainly make perfect sense particularly if you regard the nature of the numerous questions listed:

  • How to…?
  • What is …?
  • Why are/is…?

Google should be testing this more and more so that all keywords that are presently displaying video results in the search engine results page would be generating video results mostly in the People Also Ask listings too. You could then consider optimizing your video results and YouTube for being eligible to be demonstrated in People Also Ask. If you are a user, this should be enriching your overall search journey for People Also Ask Questions that are often more effective with videos.

PAA Queries Are Repeated Frequently and Trigger Featured Snippets

  • You must realize that most People Also Ask queries also trigger the ever-so-popular featured snippets.
  • The same People Also Ask query could be prompted for diverse keywords.
  • The same listing/answer that are displayed for a specific question in the People Also Ask could be seen for different questions generated by PAAs.

Keyword intent seems to be of crucial importance as claimed by the SEO community. Your People Also Ask listings could lead to featured snippets and could have the probability for covering a portfolio of diverse keyword combinations and permutations.

People Also Ask Are Having a Feedback Feature

Most people have been glancing over this particular feature. However, many of you did not bother to pay any attention to the feedback feature. In the case of the last People Also Ask listing right at the bottom, you would often find a little hyperlink that has the word Feedback. You need to simply click on it and you would be shown a pop-up.

Google says that this particular option comes on search results sometimes.  It would let users come up with their reviews and feedback or even recommend a translation. This could be a good opportunity to flag at once to Google if it is inaccurate. Hopefully, Google would consider changing it.


After discovering new and interesting facts about this Google SERP feature, you could consider taking advantage of ‘People Also Ask’. You must make it a point to determine exactly how much your SERP would be impacted by PAAs. This seems to be a fairly straightforward job however; very few individuals would be paying much attention to this feature. They seem to ignore this feature. However, you must consider digging deeper to identify elements that are impacting your overall organic CTR and organic traffic.