What Does the Future of SEO Hold? Read on to Find Out

Over the recent past, there has been talk of a looming change in the way web designers carry out search engine optimization. A majority of webmasters are now confused on what direction to take especially after Google’s many recent search algorithm updates.

Elimination of Keywords Reliance

The Google algorithm changes as well as other leading search engines updates all gear towards one thing – eliminating the reliance on keywords for the search results and reinforcing intelligence-based results that try to identify the intention of the user on the search engine.

Voice Search

At the same time, there is the introduction of voice based searches which have been brought about by the new trend that is the use of mobile devices. A majority of people are now switching to the use of voice in their search for results via the search engines due to its simplicity and convenience, as well as the need to avoid making spelling mistakes.

Instant Feedback

There has also been the now common instant ‘lucky’ results on Google’s results pages where a search term returns an in-depth description of the term as put in an authority website in that niche. For instance, if you type ‘distance from New York to Texas’, you will instantly get an estimate of this distance and a brief description of the route as the first result on the SERPs.

All these new developments mean that a good SEO expert needs to be able to use the latest techniques of optimization on a website, besides quality content, to ensure search engines deem them an authority within the specific niche the website is on.

Be Up-To-Date with SEO Developments

Some of the latest techniques such a webmaster needs to be updated with include the use of https and secure URLs, title tags, meta keyword tags, browser plugin dependence, size tap targets use, responsive websites, asynchronous scripts, legible fonts and W3C standards for SEO, among many others.

Simply put, an expert search engine optimizer should be up-to-date with the latest technological trends as well as website SEO trends to ensure that the website he or she works on is both full of people and search engine friendly content, as well as that it can be read across multiple platforms including hand held devices and mobile phones.

Bottom Line – Quality Content

One thing remains constant though; content is king. Regardless of the direction SEO takes, quality and engaging content will always win. Therefore, always ensure that all your SEO efforts are geared towards providing authoritative and quality content above all else.