Why Google’s Penguin 3.0 Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Just recently, Google released yet another of its now dreaded updates to its search algorithms. This time round, it had the name Penguin 3.0. Although this leading search engine downplays this update as a ‘refresh’ update to its previous updates, you can be sure that a majority of website owners will have tears in their eyes, one way or the other.

Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Now, I know someone is already scared now. Here is the truth, for a majority of webmasters and website owners, this new refresh update will bring tears of joy. This is because after the previous Google updates, the search engine slapped a majority of these website owners with penalties and so got down to work in order to clean their mess. Most performed serious link audits and especially after the previous Penguin update.

Clean Up Your House – Link Profiles

To be more specific, most people went in to great lengths to evaluate and remove any link that pointed to their website that Google could interpret as being spammy or part of a link scheme. The website owners who worked so hard to clean up their houses and comply with Google’s ‘laws of the internet’ will now be highly rewarded by this new update.

A Global Impact

The new update that Google says is global (although it primarily targets English queries), is expected to take a while before its full deployment. The expectation is that the update will incorporate additional signals meaning that the overall results will be more noticeable unlike previous updates.

Unfortunately, this same update will bring tears of pain to website owners who were lucky to escape the eye of the previous Google updates yet their websites have poor link profiles. Such websites will notice an abrupt demotion from the top of the search engine results pages as they face penalization from the refresh.

Wipe Your Tears – The Solution

So, tears of joy or otherwise, here is what you need to know; this refresh update targets spammy links and poor link profiles. It is also a global update meaning that the results will be worldwide. To top it all, experts will believe that this ‘refresh’ is a foundation for something big to come. It is unlike Google to release a mini-update.

Get a Full Site Audit via a Professional

Remember, if you want your website to remain safe from current and future Google updates, simply adhere to the search engine’s now very common slogan ‘Content is King’. It is also advisable that you hire the services of a professional and experienced SEO Agency to help you with cleaning your link profiles. This will guarantee you healthy top rankings throughout time.