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How to Build a Cohesive Online Presence by Integrating Your Website with Social Media

Treating the website and social media accounts as separate entities means that sooner or later, the consistency of communication will be lost.As a result, confusing signals may be sent out to customers damaging the brand and impacting revenues. By integrating your website with social media platforms,you will be able to leverage the power of social media to generate traffic for your website and speed up the conversions. Social media, being more informal, also enables customers to interact with you with more confidence and in a more enjoyable manner. Some techniques for integrating your website with social media networks:

Include Social Media Buttons on Your Website

The very first step in introducing your social media presence to the visitors of your website is to include the links to the various social media accounts on the home page as well as on every subsequent web page. By doing this, you not only inform them of your social media presence but also make it easy for them to visit your accounts from anywhere within your website. Ensure that when a visitor clicks on a social media button, a new window is launched and that he does not exit the website. Needless to say, link only to those social media accounts that you keep updated to avoid disappointing users.

Add Content from Social Media to Your Website

By adding feeds from social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, you can very easily add new content to your website. Additionally, visitors to your website get an opportunity to see your activities on social media and you get free Instagram likes. Again, you should only include the feeds of those social media accounts that you keep fresh with updated content, because linking with an account that has obviously no signs of recent activity would reflect very badly on your professionalism. Conversely, if visitors see that your social media accounts are vibrant, they would be extremely willing to connect and engage with you.

Include Buttons for Sharing Content on Social Media

Whatever activity like a blog post, a sales promotion or even a white paper that you host on your website can get a far greater viewership when you put social media sharing buttons along with the content. If your website visitors happen to like something, they should be able to immediately share it on their own social media accounts. When this is done, your contents find a far larger audience that is likely to result in an increase in the organic traffic to your website. It is possible for you to restrict what visitors can share through the social media buttons so that the best of content only can be shared. Similarly, you should incorporate a link to your website on every social media platform you are present on.


By integrating the website with social media, you will substantially increase the chances of users becoming aware of the content on each. By making the platforms transparent and unified, the chances of people encountering and taking an interest in your content increases substantially, and this leads to increased traffic and conversions.