Improving SEO through LinkedIn

Social media has not only changed the way we share information, but has transformed the internet itself. It serves as a free of cost uncomplicated medium to communicate with the entire world. Having a strong social media presence is more important in determining your search engine rankings and increasing your business online. There are lots of reasons to use these sites such as knowledge sharing, chatting, make a friendship, etc.

If you are constantly striving to improve the SEO of your website, several social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc can bring more traffic to your website. Even though you already use several social networking sites, sometimes you may not yet be sure of how much those sites can help you to improve your rankings in the popular search engines. One of the best sites to take advantage of is LinkedIn. As the site already enjoys phenomenal rankings due to the profiles which are hosted on it, it’s the main reason for the widespread popularity.

LinkedIn is a very powerful marketing tool for any organization than being a normal social networking site. In the event that you already have a LinkedIn account then you can already begin improving your website’s SEO with your LinkedIn account. If high ranking websites link to your website, it would automatically improve your website’s page rank, making you appear higher in the organic Google searches. All the LinkedIn profiles have a fairly high Google Page Rank, so if you have good profile SEO and can link your website to it, then your website SEO will improve automatically.  Let’s take a look at a few simple ways for using LinkedIn in order to improve the SEO India and allover of your website:

While composing your profile focus on the keywords

When you sit down to type up your LinkedIn profile, it’s crucial that you focus on using the most relevant keywords. If during the process you can include a summary, personal interests, headline and also job descriptions and etc. Don’t overdo things and try keeping your profile rich with relevant keywords relating to your specific website as far as possible.

Create your own permalink

Change the custom URL of your profile. Give your full name, company name, targeted keywords. Gear your LinkedIn permalink toward your website to incorporate your name plus company’s name at one glance.

Customizing your URL

Customize the URL which you have on the LinkedIn site, keeping in mind the LinkedIn members have an opportunity to customize their profile URL, rather than going with the default one.

In fact, you can even choose to modify the URL to your own name or the name of your company or the name of your website. This would get your profile more visibility and would go a long way towards improving the SEO of your website.

Making good use of Anchor text and links

This action is incredibly simple but of supreme importance.  If you want to increase the SEO of your site, then use anchor text in order to link down your website from your LinkedIn profile. While creating links to your various websites, it results in potentially profitable back- links.