Is Your Website Fit to Earn High Ranks in Google Search Results? Why You Should Know It!

You know that Google always looks for high-quality websites when it comes to ranking them high on its search engine. When it comes to search engine optimisation, it is essential for you to ensure that your webpage is high in quality for it to make it to the top slots. Google has a clear distinction between “low” quality and “high” quality content. As a webmaster or business owner, you must ensure that your website has high-quality content for it to be ranked well.

What constitutes high-quality content according to Google?

The following are some of the factors that constitute high-quality content according to Google:

  1. Google looks for content that is unique
  2. The value of the content should be informative to the searcher.
  3. The content should have external links to an authority page. There should be internal links to the inner pages of your website that are high in quality as per the standards of Google.
  4. The webpage should satisfy the query of the searcher.

Now, if you want to see your website high on search engine ranks, you must ensure that the webpage that a person is visiting loads fast. When a visitor types in a query in the search string a list of websites is presented. As a visitor, you open the first few links as they are top ranked websites as per Google. Now, the moment you open these links, you will find that their web pages load fast. When it comes to your webpage design, it is crucial for you to ensure that your website loads fast as well. No one likes a slow loading website and so if you have plans to surge up on Google ranks, check the loading time of your site first. 

Your website must be mobile responsive

Google likes sites that are mobile responsive. They want their users to get web content accessible on desktops, mobiles, tablets and laptops. Now, if you have a featured snippet on Google, do not change anything. It might sound surprising however Google is very particular about grammar and spelling. If you have a feature snippet, this means that your site is doing well in the SERPs. If you mess about with this piece, the chances are that Google will no longer qualify you as a quality website.

Now, if you have visual images on your website, it is prudent for you to use the alt attributes. SEO experts say that when it comes to non-text web content like videos, Google prefers transcript. The search engine also likes to see that the content of the website is well-organised and simple for the reader to understand. External links help the search engine to realise that your webpage is informative and has links that help the reader reach relevant sources with success.

Test your website and delete content that does not work

When it comes to determining the quality of your site, it is crucial for you to remove content that is low in quality and does not work. It is vital for you to do some testing in this regard. You should take the help of professionals when it comes to evaluating the quality of your website. Remove the pages that do not match the quality standards of Google.

Remember, if you are looking for web pages that rank very high on search engine ranks, it is important for you to invest in good quality content. The content requires hard work and time. It is essential for you to ensure that you spend time and research when it comes to the construction of good quality content for your website. The moment you post new content, it is imperative for you to check whether Google is indexing it and if the search engines can crawl content. In this way, you effectively can improve the search engine ranks of your website and ensure that it reaches the top slots of search engine results.

When you are creating a new website, it is important for you to give importance to the web design of the pages as well. Very often, you will find that excellent content that has value and appeal can get deeply buried when the quality of the webpage is inferior or low. Always invest in a good company that provides you with excellent web design and search engine optimization services. In this way, you efficiently can create a positive impression on the end user and catch the attention of Google. Good quality websites have a significant impact on the end user and so invest time when it comes to creating them. It will considerably help you to enjoy high page ranks and better web presence online too.