Joomla SEO – A Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation with Joomla

content curation

Joomla is a well-accepted CMS for personalized web development, which consists of a massive library of content curation tools. Joomla, as a flexible content management system, helps the users to build robust portals and web unique online apps. Not just by individual users, but Joomla is now used widely by more significant corporate and other organizations too as IHOP and Harvard, etc.

Further, in this article, we will discuss how Joomla performs well regarding content curation along with a few tips for the users to meet their curation needs.

Joomla as a solid content management platform

As an advanced CMS, Joomla helps the users to easily manage various types of content including text, pictures, video, audio, graphics and more. The content of any form can be stored, tracked, and displayed with ease on Joomla and it has a built-in system to organize well and efficiently manage content. In many aspects, Joomla is found to be a heavy-duty platform than WordPress and also functional than Drupal.

Content curation – design and display elements

The primary requirement to create an SEO friendly website is to design it in an aesthetically pleasing and functionally rich manner to make it acceptable to the users. A nicely designed website can surely bring in more traffic, hold the users for long, and thereby enhance its SEO value in a natural way. However, many out there tend to make quick, unconscious judgments about creating a website regarding its appearance and usability. Sometimes, the content may be of top quality, but the layout and design are underplayed. Some other times, there may be an aesthetically appealing design, but what is delivered to the users regarding content is substandard.

In light of this requirement, Joomla offers the web developers an option to customize and personalize the layout as they wish. Say for example, if the content for curation consists of a lot of images, then you may see various display options to choose from to sync the pictures in a visually appealing manner to the page. Not just with photos, but there are such customization features for other types of content too.

Organizing content

Joomla also features some organization social curation tools for easy content consumption. Readers can have the option to rate the articles or share it with others. With an updated statistics available about the content you post, one can easily identify which articles had gone popular and prepared a content strategy based on these figures. You can also let the visitors subscribe to new posts or custom select what they want to see.

There is no point in keep on posting content without knowing what works and what not. Over a period, to bring your site on top of the search engine results as well as worthy to the users, it is essential to streamline the content with a proper insight into it. There are many plug-ins available for Joomla regarding content management, with which you can also automate the process of content organization in a much efficient way.

Joomla components

Joomla consists of many components, which let the developers to custom generate new articles using the most trending keywords. You can pull content from the sources you select, and it is also possible to different configurations for feed sources. The articles you fetch this way are customizable by choosing various categories, sections, expiration dates, image inclusion or deletion, keyword density in the articles and so on. You can personally review the articles and add your introductions or reorganize the content itself by using content curation software.

Using these components help you custom design your content in tune with the most trending topics and keywords in your niche. Making the task much easier for the developers regarding ensuring the SEO value of your site, Joomla components guide you through the content management process and ensure far better results when compared to the unguided and unprofessional content management approach.

Advanced Joomla features

Even if your requirement, as a top-line corporate, is more advanced like data collection, reporting, analytical insights, etc., Joomla has a sophisticated framework to accommodate all these requirements regarding data building and reporting. You can also easily integrate e-com systems, product catalogs, payment gateways, reservation systems, etc., which all testify to the advanced programming capabilities of Joomla, which makes it a reliable choice for business website owners as well developers.

As the requirement for a business website is to curate thousands of pieces of varying content, the process requires an editorial workflow to accomplish well. In fact, Joomla doesn’t have it as a built-in feature, and your best move will be relying on a third-party content curation tool like Curata to do content curation efficiently there and then pump the content from it to Joomla by using an appropriate API.

Whatever type of website you are handling as an e-com site, magazine, or a blog, Joomla will let you set it up quickly and efficiently organize the content. Advanced features and components or Joomla will allow you create a site from scratch and sophisticate it as you please, but there are many things the site administrators also need to initiate to ensure the complete SEO benefits.