Various on-page activities

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is mainly divided into 2 activities, one being the on-page and the other is off- page. On page play a major part in influencing positive and better search results in a website. In this article we will mainly deal with a list of important on- page SEO activities required for a website.

On Page SEO is an integral part of or SEO or Search Engine Optimization activities. It is nothing but required for essentially structuring the website to make it search engine-friendly for gaining high rankings in the major search engines. Basing on relevant keywords, the contents are built which would help the article to attract highly satisfactory web traffic. The last thing you want to do is Black hat SEO.

Keyword Research and site analysis

A detailed analysis of the website followed by a smart keyword research process is the stepping stone for a successful SEO campaign. Analyzing the website in a wrong way or selecting the keywords without much research, would never yield you the desired results. Thus, this initial on- page SEO activity should be done as perfectly as possible to kick start your SEO activity in a much better way.

Content relevancy

No webpage is complete without relevant content which is informative, original and meaningful. The content which can grasp eth reader’s attention instantly is the content which can bring in traffic to your site.

Title Tags
This is considered to be one of the most important factors in determining better search engine ranking for a particular keyword; they are responsible for getting more traffic to your website. Title tags are short meaningful phrases and better still if it is limited to a maximum of 70 characters.

Meta Description

A well written Meta description helps in better keyword ranking and enhanced traffic to your site. Meta Description is a brief description in a crisp and meaningful manner keeping in mind the relevancy of your website and is to be used by varied search engines during their search operations.

Keyword Density

Specific and accurate keywords need to be used in the content and without enough keyword density you might not get the expected results that are actually required. It should also be kept in mind that the keyword density should look very realistic and not end up spamming your website. It should never disturb for the viewers to read your content because of the excessive keywords. It’s very crucial for on-page SEO; therefore it should be used intelligently.

Using of ALT Tags

Search engines may crawl the images in a website, in addition if the image has any content included in it, that will receive recognized by the search engine easily. Thus it is advisable to tag the images with ALT tags which would help the search engines to recognize the content which further assists in improving the visibility of the website.

Effective On Page SEO can assist business achieve remarkable improvement in website rankings. It will result to a more professional image in their respective industry. These simple yet effective on page SEO activities can vary your entire website’s rankings.