Practical SEO Tips Affiliate Marketers Can Use to Boost Website Traffic

Affiliate marketing is intensely competitive and success depends on how well they can drive traffic to their websites. It becomes therefore very important for the websites of affiliate marketers to achieve top ranks in Google. Other search engines so that they can take advantage of the organic traffic generated. For this to happen consistently, affiliate marketers need to implement an efficient and robust SEO strategy. That will get them superior search engine results page ranks, generate more traffic, but also boost conversions. As every online marketer knows, it is impossible to engage in content marketing without implementing SEO. Some productive yet easy to implement SEO tactics:

Insert Alt Text for All Images

For all their capabilities, search engines are still not able to understand the meaning and context of images. Which is why it is important to provide them with a short narration to assist them. It also to interpret the image and use it for ranking. The alt text, as the description is known. So, It added as an attribute to the site’s HTML code. It is to help search engine bots to index the page better. To assist visually impaired users to understand the images on the webpage better.

It also helps normal users to understand the purpose of the image in case it does not load properly. The main purpose of including alt text is to avoid the risk of search engines misinterpreting the image intent and ranking for keywords. That may be completely irrelevant. The trick to getting better ranks is to make the alt text as descriptive as possible while keeping it crisp and punchy. Insert the most relevant keywords but resist the temptation to stuff keywords as it can get you penalized.

Rise to the Rank of a Featured Snippet 

Featured snippets that appear even before the first of the ranked results in the search engine results page is yet another attempt by Google. It is to deliver to its users the most relevant information in the context of the search intent. Since featured snippets appear even before the normal search results. The rank is also known as “position zero”. Due to their premium position, they manage to grab the lion’s share of clicks by visitors. Their ability to generate a very large volume of clicks, a featured snippet is a very coveted position. To be able to get there, you need to optimize your content but even before that, you need to decide, which type of snippet is your aim. The three types of featured snippets are paragraph, list, and table.

The content for featured snippets optimized by focusing on information. That can answer the most common questions that are asked by the target audience. You can make the content more detailed by including information on related topics and provide answers in the same article. For content to be elevated to the status of a featured snippet, it must be to the point and concise. Further, you should leverage external resources, use headers to facilitate easy navigation while keeping in mind the functionality across devices. 

Boost the Click-Through Rate 

Website traffic and conversions are directly related to the click-through rate, which is the percentage of users of search engines clicking on the search result. The extent to which the affiliate site is relevant to the user’s query is revealed by the CTR. Google interprets a high CTR positively and boosts the rank of the site on the results page. To boost your CTR, you should write a distinctive and compelling Meta description that is relevant to the content, includes the target keywords, and a powerful CTA.

Further, you should try to choose long-tail keywords for your content as they are more specific. It gets better ranks more easily. You should also make your URLs descriptive so that both users and search engines can easily figure out what the page contains. It’s specially taking care to include the target keyword. Including powerful words in the content helps to evoke emotional responses from users and makes the content more productive. All these factors when optimized properly can improve your ranking can boost your CTR.

Concentrate on the Creation of Cornerstone Content 

For content marketers, the biggest challenge is to create evergreen content. That continues to stay relevant to the interest of users for a long period. Cornerstone content, as it is called usually forms the core of the affiliate marketing website. It is spread across the most important articles as well as web pages for which you desire to achieve higher ranks. To create cornerstone content, you have to focus on putting together content. That is comprehensive and includes everything important about a particular subject or an aspect of the subject. You should keep the contents updated regularly, link different pages and include the most important keywords so that they rank well. According to, it is important not to unnecessarily increase the volume of the content but focus on creating quality of content.

Optimize the Links in the Footer

Cramming your footer section with too much information may end up hurting your SEO so you need to be careful. By ensuring that your anchor texts are more descriptive and that they have a proper match with the search queries, you can optimize your footer links and drive more traffic to your website. However, you need to keep the descriptions succinct and relevant to the content of the pages. It is preferable to make the anchor text clickable by using CTAs rather than just including the page names and products. Instead of just linking them with the product pages, you can consider linking them to pages that users find to be the most valuable – typically they would be the pages containing the cornerstone content. 


By implementing these smart SEO tactics, you will be able to significantly boost the traffic to the affiliate website so that you can push prospects along the sales funnel and get them to convert more. Given the intense competition for traffic, the more tactical you are regarding SEO, the better you will be placed to forge ahead and stay more than just one step ahead of the competition. The best thing is that none of the techniques requires you to have any specialized SEO knowledge.