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Salient Marketo Features to Make You a Marketing Icon

Marketo, the illustrious maker of marketing automation software, celebrated recently its 19th anniversary. It is supposing to be the most broadly utilize marketing tech platform and it takes pride in its 4,300 customers. It can seamlessly integrate with some other SaaS providers through LaunchPoint. Marketo is regarding as a super-effective and priceless tool for numerous marketers.

Marketo has been packed with functionality and features that the average user doesn’t seem to be conversant with at all. To assist you in identifying some of the crucial capabilities or advanced features, here are some of the hot favorite Marketo product features of some of the top digital marketing professionals and some happy Marketo customers.

Most of you have some knowledge about the basic features that you could enjoy thanks to marketing automation such as email leads, forms, and lead collection. However, you would like to utilize that platform for taking your marketing strategy to the next level altogether. As per, you need to realize that marketing is no more limited to just brands and ads. Today, marketers are getting better data at both macro and micro levels as compared to ever before and they have access to far faster and more cost-effective ways of using and harnessing that data for giving businesses and people precisely what they are looking for, when they are looking for, and where they actually want it via the delivery channel of their choice or preference. Several marketers are still trying to determine ways to leverage those superpowers.

Remember that every lead that is driving to your specific site seems to be unique and needs treatment especially. Hence, you must focus on engaging with each one in a different manner. That is precisely the reason why it is of critical importance to understand how Marketo features could leverage for growing your marketing funnel. Thanks to Marketo, now you could customize every step of the user’s buying journey and could effectively target your leads with the right content. Obviously, they would not even think of resisting your offers. Let us explore some of the striking Marketo product features that you must know for becoming a marketing automation genius. 

Valuable Insight into Unknown & Anonymous Leads

Simply because a lead did not happen to fill out the form given on your website, it does not necessarily imply that you would not come to know that they were on your site. Thanks to Marketo’s unique capability of tracking anonymous leads visiting your site, your marketing team can present to you the broadest possible idea about all your site visitors. Marketo tools are known to utilize predictive learning for determining a host of vital stats about every lead. Rather than coming up with the typical metrics relating to visits, bounce rates, and session times, you could obtain in-depth data and information about the visitors’ actual demographics. 

Marketo could effectively determine the geographic location of a lead, what specific keywords Google searched for finding your pages, and could even successfully predict the organization’s name and location provided they are accessing precisely from their organization’s Internet. You could effectively match campaign endeavors or initiatives with measurable outcomes. For instance, suppose you are targeting specifically a particular industry or area in the case of a paid campaign, you could accurately measure if that campaign had a boost in terms of conversions and CTRs or click-through rates.

Targeting Content Precisely Where It Should

Marketo’s targeting abilities help you to personalize the journey associated with every single visitor. You could be designating buckets of associated features. Page of an entry, keywords searched, form filled out, and more. For distinct target verticals and then go about optimizing the experience for particularly that lead identity. For instance, suppose your lead’s industry seems to be associating with manufacturing. You could be designing a pop-up to offer your latest e-book relating to the manufacturing industry. If you target leads with the right content that really matters to them. You could rest assured that they would be motivated to fill out your forms relating to those offers. This way you could boost conversion rates and remarkably augment your funnel size. Thanks to the unique and truly amazing marketing automation tools.

Lead Nurturing

By this time, you must know that Marketo lets you go about segmenting your leads as per your target industries. Marketing personas, or even how they interact with your site. According to the triggers set up by you, the leads could be filtering into engagement streams. Or maybe the drip campaigns that are targeting precisely their requirements and design for giving top priority to your business.

There’s a lot more you could do with the engagement streams of Marketo. You could easily set specific transition triggers between these streams. Make sure that your leads would be always in the correct portion. The funnels that too at the very right time. For instance, once a lead transforms into a customer. You could set him automatically to transition. Then into a specific drip campaign that has been designing for giving company updates, tips, or even upsell them. On particular products, they have bought already.  

SEO Tools

Initiating a marketing stratagem without well-defined search engine optimization. Tactics are just like being in a boxing ring but without your gloves. Focus on keyword best practices if you want your extraordinary content to attract and grab visitors’ attention. That is the reason why Marketo is equipped with an assortment of innovative and path-breaking SEO tools. Marketo would be doing the rest of the hard work once you import the list containing your most sought-after keywords. Marketo would provide you with an insight into core SEO metrics such as the precise competition level for those specific keywords. Your present SERP ranking, your SERP trend over time, etc. You could even obtain a comprehensive list of keywords for a particular page. Based on relevant target keywords or even the page’s URL. 


We have discussed some of the hot-favorite Marketo product features. However, you could learn more about Marketo product features by attending vendor-sponsored technology conferences such as the ‘Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. The organization would be inviting its strategic partners, customers, prospective clients, and sponsors to wowing, wooing, reward, educating, and celebrating them.