SEO Tips You Cannot Ignore If You Have a WordPress Website

Will it not be inconsequential for you to have a fantastic theme with a stunning portfolio if it isn’t correctly search engine optimized? Google and Bing do not have time for the decorative features on your website, what matters for them is factors like filenames, keywords, alt tags and other technical information. You need to understand and comprehend this technical information as they are paramount to the success of your business and can either potentially make or break your business.

Understanding Search engine optimization or SEO

SEO is a process that helps in improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website from various search engines such as Google and Bing by natural algorithmic search results on search engines. Theoretically, a site that appears higher on the list of “search results” will receive more visitors and consequently more traffic. SEOs also target various modes of searches like video search, news search or image search. 

The following nine tips can help your website to get SEO for Google, Youtube, and Amazon:

  1. Optimize Content. Optimization is useful only when the content is unique and of high quality. Keywords ought to highlight the general theme of the post. The content should be easily comprehended and understood. The keywords should be used judiciously, and the text should be meant primarily for the reader and not the search engine.
  2. Replace backlinks with other websites which have topics related to your content, especially sites which have high page rankings. If required you can link pages within your website, but only if it is required.
  3. Use creative names for the images you upload. Search engines like Google give images according to the circulation and ranking. Google shows both texts and images in its results, by focusing on relevant photos that are present inside posts itself and are also linked with a corresponding website. You should use keywords relating to a definite subject within the name of your file. You must also use the alt and title tags with your images, as they provide enhanced usability and better optimization for search rankings.
  4. Using brief permalinks, which includes keywords. You must use a discernible permalink. For instance, instead of having: you can use Understand: only the initial four words of the permalink matter, the rest do not.
  5. Use of themes that are optimized for search engines. There are some themes which involve various coding to generate a layout and design. Google traverses the source codes to get to content that is relevant. Hence more codes you put, the denser your keywords will be and less content as a result. As a result, themes that are fast performing work best for high Google ranking.
  6. Informative and Important contents and keywords must be highlighted on your website. You should highlight headings and subtitles of any article and essential and relevant sentences and phrases. You must use strong tags also, but take care not to overdo them.
  7. Share your posts on social networks. Do not just promote yourself; you must promote other websites and posts also. People like this gesture of goodwill and connect back with you.
  8. Do not use any websites for mirroring HTML sites. In case you attempt to fool them, Google will eventually find it out. In recent times, there have been plenty of high-profile websites, catering to themes related to portfolios, which have been levied penalties by Google because of indulging in such malpractices.
  9. Avoid flash. Do not use flash as it is almost undetectable for search engines.

A quick, easy method to optimize and enhance the ranking of your page is by downloading and installing a plugin for SEO, like Yoast’s plugin for WordPress SEO.

The list is, in reality, endless because there are many criteria which Google uses to rank your websites, including some criteria which are not that well known as the age of your domain, meta description, tags, how much activity your site is, et cetera. Lastly, you must remember not over to exert yourself. You should be more focuses on publishing unique content that is relevant and is of high quality. If you can do that, everything else will automatically fall into places.

To know more about SEO you need the upcoming blogs. SEO is a vast subject, which cannot be cover in one go, so keep reading our blogs to get more idea about the latest SEO norms, techniques and much more!