The Simple SEO Process That Guarantees Success Every Time!

A majority of webmasters do not really know what exactly works when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). There is a lot of information and misinformation, all of which consolidates to one huge confusion and mess. This is what makes SEO such a dreaded activity.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case for you. You can take ona simple set of activities in a systematic way, to guarantee your success with your SEO campaign. This SEO process, if well executed, also speeds up the results that you seek such as high rankings in the SERPs, more traffic, more engagement and more conversions. Below are the simple steps in this SEO process in order of recommended execution.

The SEO Process:

a)      Website Structure

Your website structure should be search engine friendly on top of being human friendly. It should be simple, easy to navigate around and understand (thanks to well-documented title tags, descriptions and keywords). Above all, the links appearing on the browsers’ address bars should be self-explanatory, describing the page that one is on.

b)      The Content

Once done optimizing the website structure, you should then go to the content. You should ensure quality content that is detailed, interesting, educative and informative. Let your content explain the benefits of a website user coming to your website and using your products or services. Let the user feel that he or she has gained something by visiting your website.

While at it, ensure that your content revolves around your target keywords. This way, you will be able to attract only the kind of web visitors easily converted to customers. This also ensures that the search engine bots understand and view your website as an authority in that target niche.

c)       Linkage

Upon satisfying that both the website structure and the content are superb for both the human and the search engine audiences, now look through how you connect the various pages of your website. Let related content interlink so that there is a smooth flow of visitors from one page to the other. At the same time, separate unrelated content clearly to avoid confusion.

d)      Backlinking

Finally, work on connecting your website to other authority websites within your niche. Ensure that you only connect to non-spammy websites to avoid penalization by the leading search engines.

After this, you can now work on both free and paid marketing methods to help your SEO efforts with driving more traffic to your website and cement your authority in your niche. These present very simple SEO process steps that any successful website follows. Remember to hire an SEO expert regularly to review your site and ensure it is always SEO compliant.