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Top SEO Checker Tools to Enhance Search Engine Rankings

SEO checker tools have made it easy in identifying every SEO problem related to your site so you can quickly fix the same. It will analyze your site automatically and create SEO audit reports which will inform you as to which aspects of search engine optimization are working and which parts need improvement. Take a look at the top SEO checker tools that will help you to augment the search engine rankings of your website.

  • Google Webmaster Tools- Also known as Google Search Console, this is an excellent SEO check tool introduced by Google. This tool comes with a plethora of useful features which will give you an idea whether your site is optimized for SEO or not. It will send you messages automatically during critical errors like the robots.txt file obstructing access to Google, or maximum pages are actually not found. This will offer the tool known as Fetch as Google which will allow you in viewing a specific page in the manner Google Search engine does. You can use it for submitting a new page rather than waiting for the page to get crawled automatically. The Google Webmaster Tool will inform you about the presence of meta description or duplicate title in the web pages if any. Besides, it will show the top keywords which drive visitors to the site along with the click-throughs and search impressions for every keyword. There cannot be a better way of discovering for which keywords a site is ranking presently. Also, it will show crawl stats as the pages crawled daily which means you will be informed whether your site has been crawled or not.


  • SEO Spider- This is counted amid the finest SEO checker tool next to Google Webmaster Tools. It will crawl the whole website and analyze every URL such as subheadings, title, headings and meta description and nicely arrange the same on a table. Following this, you can export it in an Excel sheet to use in some other tools like Raven or Moz. Through this tool SEO, marketers can automate the process that is otherwise time-consuming.


  • PageSpeed Insights-This tool will analyze the speed of the website, and this is inclusive of both mobile and PC and gives a score for the page speed amid 0-100. If this score is above 85, it means the performance of the page is good. The Page Speed Insights tool will also offer optimizations in order to augment the Page Speed Score like minification of JavaScript/CSS file, search engine optimization image optimization and browser caching. It also offers a zip file which comprises every optimized image as well as minified JavaScript and CSS files on the site. Just replace the files and images with optimized files offered by Google.


  • Moz Pro Tools- This is an all-in-one tool which comprises tools for page optimization insights, site audits, link building, and keyword research. Moz Pro Tool will allow the user in finding SEO opportunities, tracking campaign performance as well as improving SEO efforts.


  • Check My Links- This tool will help you in finding broken links on the page. Check My Links come as the chrome extension. Post-installation this will reflect good links in the color green while the broken links in red.


  • SEO Report Card- This tool will help you in analyzing the site and tracking how it compares with the sites of the competitors. The best part about this tool is that it will help in generating a detailed report having all this information,


  • Rank Analysis- Resting on the keywords entered for generating the report, this will offer a snapshot of the ranking of the website on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Link Building- It will offer the total backlinks to the site.
  • On-Site Analysis- This will inform you whether you have included keywords in the vital areas of the page like the body and the title.
  • Website Accessibility- It will provide an overview of the accessibility information of the site like load time and search engine accessibility.
  • Trust Metrics- It will provide information concerning the site and domain’s trustworthiness.
  • Current Indexing- It will inform you whether a webpage has been indexed via the top search engines.


  • HubSpot Website Grader- This tool will help you in generating an all-inclusive report on the following,


  • Website Performance- It will provide information on the size and speed of the page.
  • Mobile Readiness- It will show whether a site is mobile-friendly considering viewport settings and responsiveness.
  • SEO- This will check if a page can be searchable easily both for crawlers and humans alike.
  • Security- It will help to check the site security information like SSL certificates.


  • Woorank- This tool will offer marketers with an in-depth analysis concerning their site’s SEO Performance, identify SEO opportunities as well as make improvements. Woorank will offer a comprehensive SEO report comprising over 70 key metrics categorized into eight sections namely visitors, local SEO, social, technologies, usability, mobile, SEO and marketing checklist.


  • SEO Audit Tool- This will help you in identifying and reporting the most common SEO errors present on your site. After entering the website, it will create your site’s SEO Audit Report comprising of the following,


  • Technical Issues- It will search for problems in SEO factors like XML Sitemaps and domain canonicalization.
  • Content Issues- It will help to analyze vital SEO factors like meta description and title.
  • External Link Analysis- It will help to evaluate the quality and number of external links.


  • Remove them-It will help to scan the backlinks and offer a contact information list for the links as well as their domains. This will help you in reaching to the ideal individual to remove the link from the site. Should you wish to disavow them, you can export the list through the Disavow Links Tool.

The SEO Checker Tools will help you save a lot of time and at the same time help you track your SEO performance. These tools will boost up the ranking of the site and also drive more visitors. So which checker tool will you use?