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How to use Rich Result Test Tools to Check Googlebot Desktop vs Mobile?

Google has recently announced that they have upgraded the rich result test tools. With this update, the developers and search engine specialists can see how Google see the rich results at Googlebot desktop as well as Google Mobile.

This is important to know as one major reason why your site is not moving up in the order in mobile indexing may be that the rich result and structured data differ between mobile pages and desktop. This new addition to the tool will let the site owners visualize how Google views the markups on the pages while accessed through the Googlebot for desktop and Googlebot for mobile.

Rich Result Test Tool

This latest add-on will help the search engine marketers to review the data implementation using both users sets to and set up appropriate mobile first indexing for better performance.  You can run separate tests for desktop and mobile using this testing tool. Google said that this change is made to assist the site owners in checking and preparing for mobile indexing.

With the changing web access behaviour of the users, Google wants to check whether a site can be considered for mobile-first indexing with properly structured data utilization. To be specific, the site owners need to present identically structured data on both desktop and mobile version of a website.

As Google best practices, we can read as:

  • Ensure that the URLs in structured data on the mobile versions got updated to mobile URLs. If any digital highlighter is used to provide the structured data, keep on checking the highlighter dashboard in order to see if any extraction errors are there.

As Walnut Solutions experts point out, this is a major concern for the websites which keep two different versions of mobile and desktop websites. However, maintaining consistent data structure sets is not an issue for the responsive websites, but won’t hurt if you run a quick test for these websites too.

How to use the test tool?

  • As you land on the testing tool, you can see a message asking you to choose a user agent.
  • Then, you have to enter a URL and then select a desktop or smartphone user agent.
  • You can next see the result for both tests and pay close attention to ‘Detected items,’ which is an ideal case, should be identical for both desktop and mobile tests.

In the fast changing search engine marketing scenario, it is important for site owners to optimize their websites for every channel of presentation. Using tools put forth by Google itself will help the users to check for the indexing status and performance of the web pages which needed to be further fine-tuned to optimize.

The Rich Results Tests are original experiences on the Google surfaces, which can include all the images, carousels, and other non-textual elements too. You can run the rest in various ways by submitting the URL of the pages to be tested. You may also test the code snippet with the use of Rich Results Test tool. You may have to choose the code instead of the URL in the test page.