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3 SEO Expert Linking Techniques that will be Relevant in 2016

Did you know that inbound lead generation, through channels like SEO, are 61% less costly than outbound lead generation through cold calling? This means SEO has a higher return on investment, standing 14.6% success on lead conversion compared with 1.7% with outbound lead generation efforts, according to research.

The following methods can therefore help you improve your efforts as a SEO expert and build a successful online marketing campaign as a result.

  1. Broken-link repair

Repairing broken links is an effective, white-hat SEO trick many businesses haven’t learnt to leverage. This technique is about enabling publishers/webmasters to fix broken links on their sites by providing alternative pages that can offer similar benefit to the readers. Of course, it goes without saying that your pages will only be selected if they are just as good as or better than the lost pages.

For broken-linking, identify broken links using various SEO tools and choose the ones that are closest in relation to your site. From there, simply contact the webmaster, telling them about the broken link and offer a page on your site with similar value to replace it. More information on broken linking can be found on Moz.

  1. Link reclamation

Link reclamation is a facet of broken-link building, except in this instance, you identify broken links to your own site, then contact the webmaster to replace them with relevant content. In addition, you can identify mentions of your brands that are not accompanied by links then ask the webmaster to add a link, or identify sites that have used your content without referencing and request that they use a link.

You can automate your link reclamation efforts by setting up Google Alert, which will send you an email each time your brand/company is mentioned online. Follow the link to see whether the page included a link with the message.

  1. Link outreach

This is an old method but has proven effective over the years. Link outreach is about identifying sites that are within the same niche as you, but not in direct competition e.g. businesses that sell products/services complementary to yours. You can send them direct email and ask them to link to relevant pages on your site.

Be polite and don’t offer any rewards because this is frowned upon by Google.