Social Media

Why You Should Use Social Media As an Integral Part of Online Marketing for Better Earning

If you are not using the social media for online marketing, then you are doing a disservice to your marketing efforts. The social media is immensely powerful in providing more muscles to your online marketing without spending a penny on advertisements.  As compared to all other outbound marketing activities, marketing through the social media can provide 100% more closures of leads, which is the reason why the experts of Internet marketing Services San Diego swear by it.

Although those engaged in B2B business makes the most use of the social media, all other kinds of companies that include online marketing as the focus area utilize the powers of the social media. If you want to grow your brand and business, you have to propagate your WordPress website through the social media to gain the maximum mileage in marketing. If you are still in two minds about taking the social media route, have a look at the other reasons that would compel you to act fast.

Generate traffic from social media posts

The social media opens another window through which you can channelize targeted traffic to your WordPress website that hosts your business online.  It is easy to attract your social media followers by engaging with them carefully with the help of attractive and informative social media posts. Create the posts on the social media and spread the links to your website across it so that eager viewers would have enough opportunities for reaching your site. Good quality posts earn a high rate of sharing on the social media that further increases the flow of targeted traffic to the website.

Social media signals boost SEO

Creating high-quality content is a must for SEO that wants to rank high in search rankings. However, you can enhance the rankings further by sending signals to Google about higher traffic flow to the website. When more traffic starts flowing from the social media to the site, Google attributes it to the excellent quality of the website and besides picking up the signals from the crawlers that have detected the pages; the added input from the social media gives enough reason to push up the ranking. Higher ranks will automatically drive more traffic, and the cycle goes on.

Build stronger relationships

The level of engagement you create through the social media leads to build relationships with the target audience as well as journalists, thought makers and influencers in your industry niche. You can interact closely at the personal level with your customers. By reading their posts, comments and tweets, you can gather useful insight into customer behavior and their tastes that provide valuable leads in marketing. By following the influencers, thought leaders, and joining in conversation with them on the social media helps to establish your leadership and authority in the industry. You create long-term relationships with them and use it to your advantage in marketing.

Social sharing is stronger than advertising

The problem with advertising is that people often view it as an intrusion into the private space that they dislike. Moreover, advertising is costly. By using the social media, you can use your posts as marketing tools in a veiled manner that is more powerful than advertisements and well accepted by viewers.  Since the posts do not have the flavor of ads despite carrying the underlying message of products and services in a very subtle manner, it garners the attention of viewers who look at it seriously and listen to what you have to say.  When you link the posts to the website, it receives quality traffic, and the posts acquire self-marketing qualities as it earns good sharing that multiplies traffic.

Targeting and retargeting with social media ads

You can highly customize social media advertisements, and it is a fundamental reason why social media is so effective in online marketing. When you advertise on the Facebook, you can customize the ad to target some specific audience according to their location, industry, education level as well as purchase history and even the pages they like most. It is also possible to retarget visitors by using the Facebook pixels that you can install on your WordPress website because this section has higher chances of generating leads that convert into sales.

Speedy response to problems

The social media is a great place to receive prompt feedback about your products and services. Should you notice any issues in products and services whose feedback appears on the social media, you can track it early and respond to it for an early resolution that helps to generate confidence among users. The time to respond indicates your sincerity in resolving problems that customers appreciate very much.

The social media is the gateway to reaching out to new customers that you can do effortlessly by setting up streams to follow keywords that connect you to them.