3 SEO Benefits of Long Tail Keywords: Observation of a SEO Expert Navi Mumbai

Search engine optimization is a dynamic industry and the rules of optimization change quite frequently. Keywords play the most crucial role in ranking, but if you are using only one or two word keywords, then you are simply lagging behind the competitors. It is the right time to use long tail keywords in your website content, blog posts and PPC marketing because such keywords increase the chances of conversion significantly. I am in the field of SEO for the last five years and consider myself as a SEO expert Navi Mumbai. I have used long tail keywords for various client projects and helped my clients reach their goals. Hence, today I will share with you the 3 advantages of using long tail keywords.

Easy to get rank: When you optimize a web page for long tail keywords, it becomes easier to get good ranks. Single word keywords are always highly in demand and generally Google shows results of big brands when you search for them. For example, if you sell shoes online and targeting “shoes” keyword, then you may never beat Amazon. However, if you target “cheap stilettos for women”, you can easily secure a place in top 10 results.

Affordable: Not every company can spend thousands of dollars for web marketing and for them long tail keywords are really beneficial. If you check Google AdWords, then you will find that keywords like “shoes” and “men’s shoe” are costly, but on the contrary, “cheap stilettos for women” or “buy affordable women shoes online” are within your budget.

Bring the right customers: Long tail keywords describe specific products or services. Therefore, when a potential customer is searching for a long tail keyword, there is a high possibility that he or she is actually looking for the products/services you are offering. For example, “shoes’ can be typed by a buyer as well as someone who wants to know about different types of shoes available in the market. On the other hand, “cheap stilettos for women” will be searched by mostly female customers and majority of them actually want to purchase shoes.

These are only the three major advantages of long tail keywords, not all. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization and right usage of keywords, keep visiting our blog regularly.