Want to generate increased online revenue? Seven offline SEO tactics to help you

Want to know what are the core issues that bother e-commerce websites? It’s mostly reduced sales conversions and insufficient customer traffic. The way out is a sound marketing strategy. It will help you churn out extra customers and make sure that they stay till the time they’ve made a purchasing decision. The best part of a sound marketing strategy for any eCommerce business is an effective SEO strategy. 

The online domain is abuzz with talks on SEO. And some people undermine the power of SEO to generate revenue, boost online visibility and the like. But SEO with its benefits is a must for all online business owners. And today there’s a lot that is being said about the best and not so best SEO practices. However, what goes to back seat is something called offline SEO and ways in which it can maximise revenue. 

So, what is offline SEO?

 Sometimes, the initiatives that you implement out of your site will lead to increased traffic. So, any tactic that is not carried out on the website directly, either networking with people or on the internet, is known as “offline SEO.”

Unknown to many, offline SEO can be an essential game changer, helping to acquire qualified leads. However, in this regard, it is crucial to assess all the probable channels for online revenue generation. Simply put, offline SEO helps to maximise your website visits. It also increases your new lead acquisition if you conduct offline-SEO correctly.

Offline SEO strategies that increase online revenue and visibility

 Want to implement the best offline SEO to benefit your website by increasing online sales? If yes, you can opt-in for the tactics discussed below:

  1. The practice of guest blogging

For this, you can recruit a professional writer. Today, even small businesses can hire a writer to curate articles at an affordable consultancy fee. When your guest blog post shows up in someone else’s blog, it brings with it several advantages. Primarily, you have the chance to reach out to a whole new set of an audience beyond your target customers. It gives you the tag of a thought leader or influencer to those who follow the concerned blogs. Majority of blogs will provide an informative link to your website in the guest post. It generates new traffic and also brings probable customers to your business. All of this translates to an increase in revenue as well.

  1. Public Relations is useful

Sometimes overlooked by small business owners, several PR initiatives can help in generating brand and business awareness for your website. For instance, your new venture could be a local tea store in London, which servers discounted tea to the local churches and charities. But the teacups can carry your brand and website address. It will help people notice your brand and search for you online. Alternatively, you can take images about this practice, curate a quality write-up and share it in your social profile. You add relevant keywords to the write up as well.

Want to get professional suggestions on the same? If you are in London, you can reach out to the SEO London agencies and seek professional assistance.

  1. Direct mailing helps till date

Majority of businesses are acknowledging the potential of direct mails. You can resort to direct mailers to market your product, services or campaign to your audience. It’s a smart follow up to online advertising. Direct mailers should appeal to your audience and propel them to read the content. For this, you need to choose the correct and smart subject lines. Additionally, your mail content should be informative. Google till date sends direct mail to its business partners. So, you can still go ahead and use this offline SEO tactic to your advantage.

  1. Make the most of the captive audiences

Are you planning to host workshops or seminars? If yes, then it’s smart to figure out unusual ways to get your audience to visit your site or communicate with them from any of your social media accounts, as they are active online. For instance, you might consider creating a Google+ post for a workshop. Then get your participants to visit this post as you speak to them and motivate them to share their questions or thoughts on the actual social media post. So, when you have a captive audience, you can encourage them to like, follow your post and even share it online. It will garner attention and will also add to your online visibility.

  1. Try blog directory submission

Directory submission is continually working to generate high-end backlinks. You need to select an active directory and an apt category. For good results to follow, it will take some time. And these outcomes will have a remarkable impact for a long span of time.

  1. Make use of QR codes on the printed materials

QR codes, also known as Quick Responses Codes gets implemented on every printed advertisement and written documents. You can even add it to your business cards. There’s an option for having branded and custom QR codes that point to wherever you wish. It comprises of the website address, video, social media page, and squeeze page and also on the online review page. Generate the egg style codes that mark a freebie or discount on the landing page. It is useful in boosting the targeted traffic. Also, it helps you to structure the QR marketing in a way that it leads to social signals and generates subscribers.

  1. Image and video submission is also a good idea

You can share your pictures on prominent image submission websites. However, before you submit the photos make sure to optimise them using the correct title tag, tags, description and URL. Additionally, you can also send your videos in the popular video submission sites. You need to furnish the videos with the same details as you do for your images. It will enable you to get the right backlinks.

SEO is a vast subject, and one needs to do an in-depth study to understand it fully! Offline SEO is one aspect that is yet to be explored by many. Are you planning to delve deep into this subject to increase your online revenue? And you don’t know where to start? If yes, you can refer to the seven above-discussed topics and experience the difference.