What Role Does Blogging Play in SEO? Find Out to Boost Your SEO Success!

You all must have heard the term SEO, but how does SEO help in ranking higher in search engines? When anyone listened to the term SEO for the first time. It sounds like something that can do magic and wonders. That’s true; there is as in no rocket science behind it.

Importance of SEO

Before proceeding further on how to do SEO, let’s understand why SEO is important? When anyone searches anything in the search engine at that time some results shown on search engine page. There are many pages available related to that topic. But, as a searcher, we have a habit to maximum crawl up to three or four pages. According to us, whatever results show on the first page are the excellent one for our search. Here SEO plays a crucial role. You optimize your website for the keyword that searcher would search. Based upon your SEO, you will see your website performance. Thus, SEO is essential. One can look out for efficient SEO services at affordable charges from Easy Street SEO.

How to boost the website traffic?

If you are looking for boosting site traffic to increase sales, then here are few steps mention below that will help you to achieve this.

  1. On-Page Optimization–Our website is the vital source for SEO to happen. Most of the people run behind link building, and in that, they forget to put the focus on the website. What is the use of linking building if your site is not good? Here are the simple tips through which you can do on-page optimization.
  • Say No to Overdo – While optimizing the page for keywords do not overdo it. If you optimize the page for more keywords, then Google can impose an over-optimization penalty for having too many keywords on one page. Always keep max five keywords on one page and optimize the site for this.
  • Title Tag – Title tag tells the search engine what the page is all about. It should include your brand name or business name; keyword related to that page and it should not be more than 70 characters. It is placed in <head></head> tag at the top of HTML.
  • Meta description – It gives search engine more idea about what your site is all about.
  • WordPress options – If your website is built on WordPress, there you have so many tools and facilities available to it. You can install plugins like SEO by Yoast, platinum SEO, All in one SEO for your website. For getting tips on SEO, you can install premium plugins like Scribe SEO.
  1. Importance of content – Content plays a significant role for both search engine and website visitors. The more content you have on your website, the chances of getting more visitors stick to your site gets increases. With more content, it is more likely that search engine will put your more website pages to search engine results.

Always have quality and unique content on your website, with a proper match to your site. Contents can be of many forms like blog posts, tutorials, articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

  1. Off-Page optimization – Link building is most important aspect of SEO. It is like a vote that adds value to your website and reveals that your site has right to show up higher over others. There are many ways through which you can get links to your website that are mention below for reference
  • Organic links– These links are very easy to gain, as you do not have to ask from anyone. If these links are from a high authority site like a news website, then that will be very fruitful.
  • Blackhat – It is a type of poor link building; it is made from least authority site or spammer sites. It needs to be avoided.
  • White hat – It stands for quality and good link building. It is highly recommended.

Many of the websites find it very hard to build good quality and organic links. Thus linking building holds lots of importance in SEO. A number of quality links you have in your website, More authority you get in search engine results.

  1. Google + – You can create your profile on Google+ that will further help you to rank higher in search engine results. Create a Google+ profile and business page in it. Fill out profile information, address, and business details correctly in it. 


If you follow above mention steps, your website traffic will increase. SEO is not a daily activity; it takes times to show up results. Always be patient while doing SEO. To get more results if you do anything shady then you will be punished for this.  The search engine can even mark you blacklisted for the same.  There are few things that you can keep in mind while doing SEO, first of all, find out things what people are looking for, optimize your website for those keywords. It is a time-consuming activity if you stick to it that will surely give you results.