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Why Should You Care About Bing SEO and Why Does It Need to Differ from Your Optimization Strategies for Google?

Bing is likely to be a most important resource which you have not on tapped onto yet for your business venture, and the reason for that can be simply because you have neglected all other search engines except for Google. Today, Bing along with Yahoo dominate over 30 percent of the market share for search engines via desktop and in certain sectors like the number gets higher like for instance in education and telecommunication related searches, it is around 80 percent.

Many business owners have also noticed that the conversion rates for searches on Bing are better than the traffic they get from Google and the reason for this may be that the demography which uses Bing is more mature with probably more money at hand to spend. As a business owner, you must SEO your website for Bing along with Google so as not to miss out on any opportunities. If you have already done your SEO for Google, then you are just a few steps away from doing SEO for your website for Bing also. The reason for this is that Google shares many tanking factors with Bing, but there are a few differences also. In this post, you will learn about how the SEO process for Bing is different from that of Google.

  1. Keywords

The major differences between Google and Bing are in the area of Search Terms. While Google is making efforts to enhance the accuracy of searches by trying to understand the intent of a searcher and also from interpreting the contextual cues from various websites which rely a lot on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google tries to understand the content of a page first. Google feels that the exact matching of the keywords isn’t essential as long as they can provide pages with the same topics and articles to the searchers. 

But for Bing, this isn’t the case, and they target specific keywords wherever and whenever it is possible to do so. So you will find higher rankings in Bing’s SERPs if you use appropriate keywords everywhere like the Meta description, the domain name, H1 and H2 tags, et cetera. Bing also shows the local results first. If a user puts in a word that has multiple meanings, then Bing provides options in their sidebar to better understand the query. Google, on the other hand, will use contextual cues. Thus for Bing, you must use straightforward and simple keywords which specifically target the terms which you are looking for in the search results.

  1. Your Meta Keywords

It will be worthwhile to remember that for Google, the concept of Meta keywords is no longer important. Meta keywords are dead for Google. Google doesn’t pay attention to the Meta tags at all. But in Bing, Meta tags and Meta keywords are still an essential and significant part. While this does not mean that you will start putting in keywords arbitrarily nut it does reflect the necessity of why you must not ignore your Meta keywords entirely because they will impact the search results on Bing. So for Bing, you must use Meta tags, Meta keywords judiciously and use them as they are relevant so that you can make an impact on the search results. You can check out for Vision Smash York SEO services for attractive packages.

  1. Backlinks

Bing along with Google values trust. Both of them hold backlinks in high esteem. Backlinks are proofs that visitors have found the content you have put to be useful, relevant and trust it enough to share it with other people. While Google will measure trust by gauging the page ranks of those domains which link to your contents, and those links with high page ranks will prove better to give better results and low page rank links will likely to be regarded as spam. But Bing, in spite of valuing high-quality links, judges the quality of the links in a different manner. 

Bing is more emphatic in the age of the domain and the extensions used. Bing will place more importance on those domains which are already well established and those domains which end with .edu, .org and .gov extensions. Bing also looks at the number of backlinks which your website has received and the more links you receive, the better it is. However, with Google, you must not add too many backlinks, keep the number at an optimum 20.


SEO is an essential aspect of today’s online business world. However, most companies optimize their website for only Google while ignoring the other search engines. Bing holds a considerable presence in the world of search engines and you must SEO your site with the tips mentioned in this article to tap into the business prospects which Bing can provide you.