Is it Wise for an SEO Firm to Offer a Guarantee on Results?

When it comes to hiring an SEO agency to help you with your SEO efforts, this can be a very tough task. The reason for this is that you encounter a huge price range from various agencies, as well as guarantees and no-guarantee of results from the variety of reputable SEO agencies you talk to.

This can cause a lot of confusion and indecision on your part. However, there is one tell-tell sign that should be a red flag right from the word go, telling you that you should avoid a specific SEO agency – a guarantee for results!

While such a guarantee may sound like a nice thing, you should be aware that there is no way anyone can guarantee you ranking results for your website. This is primarily because there are two sides to the SEO process coin; there is the SEO Agency’s activity and there is your part. Obviously, the SEO Company has very little control over what you do or do not do on your site as much as they may recommend it to you.

Secondly, the SEO Company cannot be able to forecast the behavior of the leading search engine robots with regard to your site within a given timeframe. In other words, you may see results from SEO efforts focused on your website within a week, a month and even after several months. However, there is no way of telling for sure when this will happen.

These are the two main reasons why the best SEO Firms NEVER offer guaranteed results.

You might also have noticed that a majority of the so called ‘SEO firms’ that offer such guaranteed results are good at spamming your inboxes. This tells you something- they are desperate for work and they will say just about anything to entice you to buy in to their fishy service.

Here is what you should know based on research and experience by a majority of the genuine and reputable SEO companies – the term SEO and guarantees should never appear on the same sentence. These two have an ‘abominable history’ as Forbes puts it.

Again, the search engines themselves warn against such guarantees expressly. This means that anyone offering you SEO guarantees, is swindling you and that you should be on your guard against such. Actually, the leading search engine, Google has an official statement regarding such guarantees. In the exact words from Google, the statement reads in part, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”.

Now you know – next time you are on the hunt for an SEO Agency, quickly eliminate those that claim to offer page 1 or number 1 guarantees and you will be quite safe from fraud.