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4 Concerns of Website Owners Who Never Invested in SEO

There are thousands of businesses not using SEO, despite the well-publicized benefits of search engine optimization. The main reason is not that they can’t afford SEO or don’t know about its benefits; they simply have lots of doubts about how it works and whether it will be worth their time and money. So, here I have come up with the top concerns and will try to pacify their apprehension.

Will my ROI improve?

SEO is a long-term process and you have to fight a battle with the other companies in your niche to bring organic traffic. Moreover, there is no guarantee how many people an SEO company will bring to your website or will they even convert from “visitors” to “customers”. So, yes, you are not wrong if you have concerns about SEO ROI. But, it is important to remember that SEO is a flexible marketing technique that may not bring immediate result, but in the long run, it will surely bring positive results. If you are not seeing any positive effect on your organic traffic or ranking, the SEO agency will keep modifying their techniques until you witness optimistic results.

What about the time investment?

Your main goal is to make your business successful and unless your brand is very popular it will take time. Even if you own a brick and mortar store you should know that it takes time to earn customers’ trust. Then how come you expect to earn Google’s trust in a month? SEO may take years, but your aim is to earn brand value and make money for many years, and for that, you must have patience. Search engine optimization will give your business a robust foundation that is worth the time you invest in SEO.

Google penalties can destroy everything

It is a good thing that you are worried about Google’s strict rules and penalties. Google does not penalize any website unless the website admin or the SEO team is involved in unethical methods to boost website ranking. Whether it is Panda, Penguin or recent Fred update, you will notice that all of them targeted websites that were involved in content or link spamming or showing ads instead of providing any information to the web users. As long as you share genuine and updated content, don’t force clients to click on ads, and avoid link spamming, you have nothing to worry.

Public perception

SEO is not just about posting guest blogs and generating backlinks or adding keywords to your website content. You also need to promote your business on social media, invest in PPC, and even ask clients to write testimonials so that people visit your website more often. Some business owners think that if people find out they are applying SEO to bring traffic then their brand value may get diminished. This is a huge misconception because SEO is all about providing value to the end-users, not tricking the search engines to rank your website higher.


There is no doubt that SEO is a complex matter, but you have nothing to worry as long as you hire an experienced team of SEO professionals to take care of your website optimization campaign. Don’t hesitate or fear anything because many small businesses have invested in SEO and they have witnessed only positive outcomes.