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Upcoming SEO Trends in 2016: An Observation by SEO Expert Nashik

2016 is here and SEO experts are gearing up to tackle the challenges Google and other search engines will throw at them this year. Being a professional search engine optimization expert, I like to gather knowledge about the upcoming SEO trends at this time of the year as it helps me to stay updated and provide timely services to the clients. Some optimization rules such as inserting keyword in content, internal link building remain the same, but what about the new trends? SEO tactics you either didn’t hear or try in 2015? Let’s take a look at the 5 SEO trends that will dominate the SEO field this year.

Page Tagging: Last year we witnessed the quintessential growth of mobile devices and eventually mobile search surpassed desktop search users. This year things will go in favor of mobile search even more and as a result heading tags will be rolled out at a far greater rate. In order to maintain consistent user experience across devices and browsers, web pages must be loaded differently as per the device screen size and browser. The uniformity in website structure till the H5 tags will help the sites maintain usability across a wide range of handheld devices.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization: You may have heard the term CRO in 2015, but it will be a prime goal for the SEO professionals this year. The logic is simple behind this mantra. If the users are visiting a site, but they are not converting, then “conversion rate optimization” is mandatory. It is true that conversions are measured differently for different websites, but CRO techniques will be more sophisticated and advanced this year to help clients fulfill their goals (sale, subscription, download etc). Every SEO expert Nashik will take greater advantage of event tracking and web tracking in Google Analytics to understand how visitors can be converted quickly. The application of CRO methods will also increase the number of diverse conversion categories and different stages down the sales process.

App Store Optimization: When it comes to search engine optimization majority of the SEO companies concentrate on website optimization only, but things have changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. If websites were a craze in 2000, then apps are trending in 2016. There are thousands of apps in every major mobile app platform and hence app store optimization will be a highly sought after service in the coming months. SEO professionals need to take care of the deep linking aspects of app management so that app pages appear in search results.

Local as Well as Vocal Search: Obviously local search optimization is not a new trend because it was quite popular in 2015 as well. However, local searches are now done vocally these days and thus queries have changed. For example, if someone is looking for a grocery store in Ontario, he may type “grocery shops Ontario”, but when the same person is using Siri or Google Now, he will say “grocery shops near me” or grocery shops in my area”. Hence, SEO experts need to adapt as well. Local listings and schema tagging will be very important to rank well in local search results.

Real Time Penguin Update Will Change Link Building Practices: Last year Google revealed that they will soon release “Real Time Penguin” update and it is due in January 2016. Real Time Penguin update will be different from all the previous versions. As soon as you will disavow or remove a poor link from your website, the Penguin update will process this action in real time and thus you will be able to recover from a penalty really quickly. However, similarly, if you start backlink spamming, your site will also receive a penalty immediately and SRRP rank will fall overnight.

These 5 trends will change the search engine optimization standards in 2016 and hopefully usher in a new era where we will see less clutter, more relevant search results and quality content. Do you think I missed a trend that may surface in the SEO business this year? Share your thoughts with us.