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Why Give Importance to SEO for Brand-Building?

By now everyone is well acquainted with the term SEO which we know stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a method that surges the traffic of websites in a qualitative as well as quantitative manner using organic or non-paid search engine outcomes. It is like a coin whose one side deals with the determination of the audience to solve a query whereas the other side caters to the interest of the curious search engine users presenting content in a more convenient way to understand. That is why building a brand SEO becomes so important; it makes your presence felt to the online audience.

Most people have admitted that they stumbled upon their chosen brand while engaging themselves either in watching online videos or just leisurely scrolling down the results of another search. So, if SEO is used strategically to portray a definite brand by reaching out to the various touchpoints and presenting the content of the brand in a qualitative as well as user friendly way, who knows your brand may earn a loyal consumer in no time.

Summed up are some of the reasons to be taken care of while using SEO for brand-building.

1. Google’s affinity towards contents at the top of the funnel

Google is looked upon as an online encyclopedia. It always pops up with answers to any question you may ask. Most search results are informational where they are viewed as general answers or concepts which happen to be the desired ingredients for top-of-the-funnel contents. Choosing semantic keywords describing a brand’s field of expertise; producing all-inclusive content for each keyword; including questions and keywords as sub-headings; adding exclusive graphics – are some of the techniques or better to say all of the most appropriate techniques which can be used to initiate a brand-building with SEO.

2. Impact of Google’s May Update on search results

The recent announcement which we are commonly referring to as Google’s May Update is going to have an impact on the search results. This update mandates the inclusion of page experience signals in Google search ranking which will measure a user’s understanding of the experience of interaction with a definite web page. Studying such experiences will lead to ensure that users are receiving apt and fruitful experiences from the web.

So, there’s a possibility that any random page may rank in Google’s top searches. But then, the question arises as to how to gain prominence? The most likely answer will be to gain prominence through non-AMP pages which draw snippet results from Google News when a user looks for a newsworthy matter.

3. Search results of images with lesser competition pair well with branding

Google uses related images for distinct types of snippets. By optimizing all the relevant images to bring out the potential search results from SEO can also be used as a brand-building technique. The most important thing to do is to publish branded and high-quality images which significantly will diminish the competition.

4. Preference for organic search results

It’s a fact that nearly 30% of people are using adblockers and the rest consciously avoid any paid results and straightaway opt for the organic or non-paid results. It’s hard to convince a person to go through paid sites as he is well aware that anyone can put those sites in the forefront just by paying some extra dollars. That’s why you are likely to see the top brands giving much importance to the non-paid SEO even if they can afford pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

5. Google’s Web Vital updates may become a turning point in brand-building

Recently Google intimated various websites to prepare an update of the Core Web Vitals. A six months time span was given. In addition to it, many other factors were disclosed by Google which would be used for ranking the sites. So, any website failing to fulfill such criteria may just disappear giving way to sites having fabulous experiences in the digital field which in turn will help them to solidify their ground for branding.

6. What to publish and what not to publish to grab Google’s attention

By now it is clear to all that Google follows a definite pattern while ranking websites. Truly there are many factors involving in this but not digging so deep it can ascertain that Google is inclining towards EAT i.e. it gives value to Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. If you follow EAT for publishing your content, you are sure to grab Google’s attention. You will gain authority once you have proven your proficiency and trustworthiness.

7. Taking into consideration the voice searches with SEO

It is seen that one forth of US adults possesses smart speakers. This doesn’t seem to have any impact on voice search branding but the moment you take into consideration the fact that approximately one out of four US adults have used smartphone voice command and more so 25% of them use it every single day. 

Therefore, to make your brand’s name a significant household entity you can surely pose popular queries accompanied by relevant and easy-to-understand answers.

8. Providing relevant and elaborate snippet results for good branding

Google snippets also play a pivotal role in brand building. The search engine result page is continuously evolving by trying to include text snippets and previews. More images next to each page surfacing in the search results. The motive behind such a step is to include as much content. As possible in an arranged way to make it click-worthy. This very much helps in effective branding.

9. Displaying snippets in video searches

Given the current situation, people are more drawn towards watching online videos. It has been that they consume about a billion hours solely on YouTube videos. So it’s very clear that video is the thing of the time to look forward to for branding. Doing it by displaying snippets in video searches can yield great outcomes.

10. SEO is an effective tool in building integrity

When SEO looks upon as a major brand-building tool, it puts forth tough competition for publishing better content. You cannot just have anything and everything published. The integrity of the brand matters a lot. So while branding. It should be kept in mind that integrity should be given the utmost priority in all the publishing content.


So, it is visible why, though some say that SEO is going to be obsolete sighting various reasons. It is still important for brand-building and it is going to be so even in the coming few years as well.