5 Failsafe Strategies to Get Top Rank on SERP

No matter how much popularity PPC ads have gained over the last few years, any SEO survey will indicate that organic search is still the most popular source to bring incoming traffic. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 64% of web traffic is still generated by organic search. Since organic traffic is so important, it is crucial to know how you can improve your website’s rank on SERP. After all, only a top ranking site can expect consistent organic search traffic.

Keyword research is a continuous process: One of the basic things that website owners don’t understand is that keyword research needs to be done continuously. Generally, most people dedicate time for keyword research when they set up the site and then try to secure good rank on SERP targeting the selected keywords. You have to understand that just like fashion changes every year, the behavior of users change over the years. People use different terms to search for the items you sell as they create abbreviations, or be more specific. For example, in the early days, people used to search “buy tablet computer”, but now they prefer “buy tab online”. Not just tablet PC became tab, but popularity of ecommerce also encouraged customers to search for online stores instead of brick and mortar shops. Therefore, you must refresh your keyword list periodically and insert new, trendy keywords in your website content.

Develop backlinks: When a third party website shares a link to your website, it is called a backlink and Google considers each backlink as an indication of the website authority. The more backlinks you can get from recognized websites, the better it is for search engine optimization. Backlinks not only improve organic search ranking, but develop credibility of a business as well. You can earn backlinks by writing guest blogs, developing infographics, through broken link building and requesting the industry influencers to mention your website address in their articles.

Flow of content must be regular: Suppose you have done your keyword research, developed an SEO friendly site and invested in PPC, but did not update the content for a long time; will you get the attention of web users? Unfortunately, web users are highly impatient and they always search for something new. However, a corporate site is not a blog where you can write new articles every day! So, what is the solution? Since you can’t always write new things about your business, think different and try to offer fresh videos, press releases, news about events hosted by your company and much more. This way, you will be able to push fresh content consistently and Google will notice your site.

Spy on the market leaders: If a few companies are ruling in the industry you belong, then they must have done something right. You need to follow their online marketing and SEO strategy to discover the techniques that can be applied for your site as well. Find out which sites refer them, what type of content they publish, which keywords they are targeting and you will be able to rub shoulders with the giants.

Twitter must be used for SEO: Google and Twitter are best friends these days and thus, it is important to engage with your potential customers through Twitter. Tweets are now visible on SERP and thus bring lots of people to website and boost conversion rate. You must post two tweets every day throughout the year to gain exposure on SERP.

So, there you have it! These are The 5 failsafe techniques to secure top rank on Google SERP consistently. Apply the suggestions mentioned above and tell us the difference you notice in your website’s performance.