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SEO Has become a Must-Have for Every Online Business – Find out why

SEO in the current era is much more significant than ever before. It has indeed become a must-have for every website owner in recognizing the essentiality of Search Engine Optimization along with the perspective that it generates for a business enterprise. In the real sense, SEO is effective marketing as well as an advertising outlet which can deliver to a company higher prospective customers and buyers. Researchers have also proven that search engine optimization is likely to have a better return on investment compared to other advertising and marketing mediums such as the print ads and TV. As opposed to other advertising and marketing mediums, SEO is not a miracle, yet it offers advertising, enterprise awareness, a significant ROI, website visitors and good understanding when it comes to consumer actions. 

Vital Facts about Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays a crucial role and below are some essential facts about why,

  • Visibility-If content is written blatantly it will be a mere waste of money, time and resources. Here high ranking is a must to get the visibility which will generate leads. A consumer will not buy a product just like that. They will conduct some research before investing in it. The more a product is optimized, the more will be the chances for the consumer to find it. That is why SEO is crucial for a business.
  • Branding- Branding, and visibility of a product are directly related. It is through branding that a product gets the needed recognition. It is SEO that will help in brand recognition.
  • Credibility- A business will generate leads when it has credibility, and this does not take place in a day. To attain that credibility SEO is a must.
  • Generate Traffic- To generate traffic is the most difficult yet integral part of the business. With SEO the traffic will run automatically.
  • Exposure- Search Engine Optimization will help to expose a product in the market. Without SEO this process would have been a costly affair.
  • Affordable- SEO is an affordable means of marketing as one will receive the return on what they invest. The money that you spend will be lesser compared to the ROI.
  • ROI– With Search Engine Optimization one can get an excellent ROI as opposed to marketing and advertising.

These are some reasons that throw light on the significance of SEO, but the list includes much more. To know more, you can consult with Craig Tuttle Marketing.

SEO Tools to Boost Ranking

Below are some excellent SEO tools that will help to boost up the ranking of one’s website,

  • Google AdWords- Google AdWords will help to strengthen the local SEO keywords. While researching the keyword, one can check the traffic for particular keywords and also discover new local keywords based on local searches. Besides this tool will also allow one in conducting research depending on geographic regions. Along with being a handy tool for local SEO keywords, this tool is free to boot as well as is one of the most effective.
  • SEO Profiler– It is a highly powerful SEO tool because it includes features like customizable PDF reports, identifies local keywords, and identifies bad backlinks, website page optimization, and website audit tool.
  • Moz Local- This is a local listing tool which helps users in managing local listings along with claiming and verifying listing submissions. Moz Local also helps with data aggregators to assist with push listings, ensuring that the business is visible. The tool additionally will scan one’s citations and notify them of errors that it finds can hurt the local SEO. It will run down on the type of categories one is listed under as well as the media used for the citation.
  • BuzzStream– This tool will help to earn local backlinks as it will assist one in identifying and building bonds with local influencers. That will help driving word-of-mouth traffic and also boost the brand’s local awareness. BuzzStream will also help in digital PR and content promotion.
  • SEOPressor– This tool will help in rating the overall SEO strength of a site. It offers recommendations and guidance to improve it which in turn will work wonders with the local SEO. Its audit feature is highly praiseworthy and will notify one of any pages which require optimization in specific ways making it the most exceptional SEO tool especially for small business.

SEO Then and Now

SEO has undergone a noteworthy change ever since its foray to date. In the year 2000 websites had just 2-3 pages with the necessary information to load quickly. In 2002, skeptics said Search Engine Optimization would die with the introduction of Google AdWords. In 2004, Google penalized sites which were spamming them. Between 2004-2008, the SEO world had a sole real player who was Google. It took action against both poor linking practices as well as companies and began tightening up on buying links and on spam. Google started concentrating on ranking sites resting on its contents and also relevance based on the searches.

Between 2010-2015 the search engines took notice of the Social Media sites after the search results were full of tweets from the social networking site Twitter. Google added images and videos to search results following the caffeine update. Penguin and Panda updates from Google killed off the link exchanges figuratively with strict penalties for sites having irrelevant links. No follow links were also introduced by Google to enable websites for offering other sites with relevant links and even information devoid of penalizing either party. Henceforth, relevant and quality content became the key with regards to search engine ranking.

There were penalties for non-mobile friendly sites under a significant change in 2015. Google began ranking mobile responsive or mobile-friendly sites higher in the search rankings. Of late the practice or processes related to SEO have indeed outgrown the term Search Engine Optimization. In fact, in the years gone by taking care of the structure and content of the site was sufficient. But today there is much more you need to do for ranking a website in search engines and at the same time getting customer engagement. Now SEO is all about digital marketing.