5 Off Page SEO Techniques To Build Your Brand Image And Ensure Top Ranking

SEO Techniques

SEO can be broadly categorized into two divisions- on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Most people think that off page SEO is all about earning backlinks, but in reality, it is much more than that. The goal of off-page SEO is to accrue positive signals and interactions for your brand so that these things help you get a better rank on Google. Here are the 5 key areas you must concentrate on for result oriented off-page SEO.

Create a great product or service: When you have an excellent product or service, the search engine optimization process becomes a lot easier. As long as you have a great product people will talk about your brand both online as well as offline. Thus, new customers start typing your brand name on Google instead of the popular keywords and land on your site instantly.

Active social media presence: The impact of social media signals is increasing rapidly and even a small brand can outshine a big corporate if it is very active in social media. If you have profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ then post updates regularly, answer queries, solve grievances, arrange competitions and always request people to like or share your content. The more people use hashtags with your brand name or like or share your content, the more chances you have to rise in the Google search.

Build reputation in forums and discussion boards: Have you ever used Quora? Did you ever get impressed reading a serious article posted by someone on LinkedIn? When you answer an important question on Quora or write an article on LinkedIn, people interested in your niche notice you immediately. More importantly, they consider you an authority on the subject and visit your business website to get further information about what you do.

Don’t write guest blogs for links: Don’t get surprised! The purpose of guest blogging is not just link building, rather it is brand building. Instead of being hungry for backlinks, earn the respect of readers so that they refer your article to others and read all the other articles posted by you on various sites. If you are an authority on the subject, people will read the author bio section and visit your website to buy product or service from you.

Variety of content is the game changer: If you want to be truly successful in off-page SEO, you must have a versatile content portfolio. Writing guest blogs and article marketing are not good enough. Create tutorial or promotional video and post on YouTube. Utilize Facebook Live once in a while, tweet videos, and share office pictures on Instagram. Videos and images play a very important role in off-page SEO because lots of people watch videos and share pictures from their smartphone. Your content may take months to get 10000 readers, but a video can go viral within an hour.


As you can see, off-page SEO is more subtle than on-page SEO. Keywords and links matter, but the most important thing is to create a lasting impression in the consumers’ psyche. Follow the guidelines above and you will stay miles ahead of your competitors.