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6 Best Kinds of Videos for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Video content is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. It is also the path to the future. People have already started moving into a world. That is full of visuals as opposed to a world that used to be full of text. Multimedia has already started dominating all the channels. You need to understand that writing for communicating with your customers has started to go out of style extremely fast. You need to understand that several kinds of video content are out in the market. It might be confusing for you to understand where you should start. According to, videos can also help in improving search engine optimization.

You might find it difficult to understand which video is going to be ideal for the company based on the aims and objectives. Irrespective of the kind of video that you are creating, if your content is not unique, informative, and entertaining, your customers are not going to view it. Therefore, your first intent should be discovering the purpose of the video. After that, you can consider the list of videos that you can create for your company.

Company culture

Your audience is interested in meeting the people who are behind your brand. An ideal way of showing the audience all the values, mission, culture, and team members is with the help of the behind the scenes videos. These videos are responsible for providing the customers with a look inside your company. They will understand why they should provide loyalty to your brand. There is no denying the fact that the culture behind your brand is undoubtedly the secret sauce. That is going to help customers to know a brand in a much better manner. 

Culture videos can also include employee interviews, recording the office games, holiday and birthday parties, and everything that is going on in between. The objective of your culture is showing that the company is not only a process. You will help your audience to understand that real humans with real personalities. That are responsible for working to make the brand successful. 

Roundup videos

Roundup videos are the video versions of the listicles. Listicles can be transformed easily into video content and are considered to be better and engaging for the audience in comparison to written text. The best roundup videos include:

  • Make sure that your videos are relatively shorter so that your audience is engaged actively. 
  • Ensure that you are not speaking only to the camera but you are mixing stills of several people as well as scripts and also pictures of places that you are describing. 
  • Ensure you are giving the viewers several options so that everyone likes something or the other. 

The main objective of the roundup videos is that you have to remain quick, engaging, and entertaining. For instance, you can consider creating videos like:

  • 6 tips for digital marketing companies
  • 7 things that are required for effective marketing

Behind the scene videos

Behind the scenes, videos are responsible for helping the brand and the business seems relatable and more human-like. Most people love enjoying how brands are manufacturing things for them. If you are providing insight into any situation, process, or project, your customers are going to be interested in that. These videos are not as polished as other traditional videos and are also responsible for incorporating important footage. They are responsible for working for both the business to consumer and business-to-business brands. These kinds of videos will help in making the brand relatable. The approach of your business has to be friendly so that the relationship becomes strong between your audience and you. 


An important kind of video content that is being loved by people in different parts of the world is undoubtedly the vlogs. These kinds of videos are responsible for highlighting one particular person and what is going on in their daily lives. You can use these types of videos for your business and provide details about what you are doing regularly within your organization also, ask your team members to become vloggers on behalf of your brand. You also have the option of taking blogs that have been written already and consider turning them into vlog content. 

Interview videos

Interview video content is responsible for including two people. In this kind of video, one person is going to ask questions and the other one is going to answer them. The difference between the written and video interviews is that it is easy to judge the personality of both the interviewer and interviewee. Words can be extremely helpful to get the message that you are trying to send across. Video content can help in conveying emotion. You can use the interview videos for introducing team members, showing off the values of your brand, and align yourself with several interesting personalities present in your field. 

It is not going to be extremely difficult to produce video content. You can also consider inviting experts for giving an interview. You can ask them to share the content on their respective websites and also introduce the brand to the target audience. 

Question and answer videos

Question and answer videos are almost like interviews but as opposed to asking questions to someone within your organization, your customers are going to ask questions to you. This type of video content is also responsible for utilizing social media. You can ask the followers on social media to send you several questions and then you can select the ones that you are interested in answering. While answering the questions, you are going to record yourself. It is also a good idea to live stream a question and answer session. These types of videos will help the audience to get instant access to the company and you will also be able to show that your brand is transparent, which will give a huge boost to digital marketing. 


Videos are being made by all the small and big organizations to make sure that they are reaching their target and present customers appropriately. Ensure that you are going through all the different types of videos that have been mentioned above so that you can choose the ones that are going to be ideal for your business.